Friday, February 19, 2010

GN Sword X!! WIP 4


from yesterday putty job, mostly work is on forming the final shape of X...
after spending soooome time sanding....this will be the final form (not climax form)

still retaining the early design though...

something i noticed that i've probably mixed the putty wrong....since it supposed to be white when completely cured but it is not really white....and i'd put the putty not compact enough so there are some tiny air spaces in the putty causing it to become brittle when being sanded...the surface got ruined a bit...

that will be the final work for X's design...
next is the winner for this thing..the RaiXer Sword!!!

the pink sheet is cut into halves and...

is cut into the desired shape....of course it is done under reference of X ^^

repeated the process with the other half...i'd already made the peg for the attachment

however, with only two pieces, it will be a bit weak so i added some strength and effects on the beam blade ^^ noticed that the effects is like a flame so i had to trace it carefully using scribber and cut it with a sharp knife..

and lastly glue them together...but this pink sheet puts the superglue to DIDN'T STICK WITH SUPERGLUE!!!!! now had to think of something to get the sheets get together...

once done.....(Moe sure wanna see this ^^)

Wa~lla!!! you got it now!! looks like executor though...but it puts Bandai HG Raiser sword to fatal shame XD!! but now OO faces some weight issue..
the elbow joint can afford the weight but the shoulder joint fails to do so...

so then,for display purpose...better without RaiXer sword since OO might slice other kit as well and the weight will cause OO be banned for using stand at the if i want the RaiXer Sword...displaying might be like this :-

owh great----- LoL...almost show all of my shelf XD

FYI, the length of X's blade is almost 8 cm while the RaiXer Sword is 29, almost beat RD's Raiser Sword ^^;;

don't believe what i'm saying?

these are the measurements !!

and yes, another lame video ^^

and yeah, i need suggestions on some aspects...

first is, what color you want for the blade?

and, do like the design of RaiXer Sword?

i'll be making some polls on these and hopefully i can get to the results ^^
(polls are up at upper right side ^^)


  1. My word... That is LONG~!


  2. woot Awesome!

    @bd: what do you mean by "LONG" ehehe...

  3. That's very innovative. COngratz!

  4. Brilliant job on that effect part! ^^

  5. Lol
    Thanks guys...

    but do cartoon look really do the job?

    need suggestions!!!

  6. Man the sword look Loooong and kick ass looking,Trans-Arm Bursts ^_^

  7. haha

    but still lose to RD by 1 cm tho ^^

  8. RD = suks
    if bandai not give you build it then :D
    loooooooooooooooooooooooong *_*

  9. Fwah you can give bandai a run for their money with that sword!! Awesome beam effect part!!!

  10. Woah....Cun abis kat tangan dia...dari kad telefon ke Senjata OO. Kerja yang bagus abis....Apa kata kita letak kaler yang sama dengan kaler-kaler yang ada kat senjata OO?

  11. Hoho..thnx guys!!

    Mangyver: nk letak kaler cam senjata lain, tapi x decide kaler ntuk mata pedang lagi ^^

  12. OMG its awesome... Bandai is so screwed now nyahahahaha

  13. nyahhah~haha

    you're right!! got Bandai screwed now

  14. gonna get bandai owned with that beam ^^

  15. great attempt on the effect parts!

    maybe I'm the only one saying this, but I think the effect part is too big, compared to your slim sword.

    got any idea to conceal the glue bro? Clear parts make it visible...

  16. The beam effect looks a bit messy but... I like it! XD

    Pretty awesome DIY you have done so far! =)

  17. haha..thnx anyway
    heathorn: the glue doesnt stick to the pink it can be scrapped off easily and will repair it ^^