Monday, February 1, 2010


nothing related to the title...

yaayy, back on the web again!!

the internet and the phone line had been cut off somehow for the past two days

didn.t know why, but my dad said that someone stole the main cable(Curse You!!)

kinda critical to have no internet at this range of time since 31/01 is the deadline for ZoidsPoison Custom Contest(well, i need to know about the voting okay..)

but when i viewed the latest entries, i think that i will try again for ZPCC 2011...siggh...

currently didn't do any Gunpla works/model kits now......just say that i'm kinda blank right now, hehe.....

BTW, at last, i'm gonna start my driving class tomorrow!



  1. applause2..hahhahah
    akhirnya jd student akademi memandu.
    bersbarlah dikau..huhu

  2. brsabar?


    nmpaknya response system ak bkal diuji....

  3. Good luck for your driving lessons :D

    I hate it when the internet is down!! Of all things why steal a cable....

    Any links to see this year's zoidspoison entries?


    here's the link!

  5. Stolen cable... Should put TRAPS* there.

    Good luck on the driving lessons, just remember, its not like a game where you stab the accelerator. You might end up on a tree... XD

    p.s. I'm add you in my blogroll. :D

  6. hahaha..thnx anyway!!

    i might think that i will drive up to the dividers ^^