Thursday, February 18, 2010

GN Sword X!! WIP 3

Putty job=2nd Round

from last night biohazard.....i came up with some precautions on working with the putty ^^ well, a real banana plant wont bear fruit for the 2nd time!!

best thing to work with something that threatens your life...rubber gloves and face mask!! (anyone guessed that i'll be using the helmet?)

not too much update in this WIP since X is purposely a Sword so not too much add-ons needed on i'll came up on how i work with the phone card ^^

first, trace/sketch/draw the design on the card..

to make cutting process become easier, i scribed guidelines on the drawing with that tool..kinda handy ^^ can be use for making panel-lines, pick up stickers, and hold tiny parts and the parts can be held tightly by tightening the tongs with the screw and nuts ^^

and then, cut it off with a sharp knife^^

there are not too much progresses on X, since the design is almost be just only little add-ons ^^

add more plates on the upper and lower parts

and for the main thing anticipated on this weapon, the RaiXer Sword..

got the beam saber hilts from TT hongli Exia TA and cut off the lower part

the upper side of the hilts is glued on each side of the base of the blade..

this is how it look alike..the hilts will serve as slots for the pegs of the RaiXer Sword..the same goes for the shallow slot on the upper side.

and then, putty job again!!
to avoid from wasting the putty like last night, i cut the unmixed putty into some equal parts

pizza anyone? this one smells funny ^^;;
by doing this, i can take some of it, knead it, put on the place i want and get the rest without wasting any putty for no reason at all

done with the putty job on i shall wait until it cures completely and will sand it to its final form...and then, will give it some coat of white paint and will go on making the RaiXer Sword ^^

okay then !!



  1. Woah putty pizza!!! Love how your sword is shaping up man :D Hmm maybe my nendos might want a all you need is some chili flakes on top of that pizza :D

  2. gonna scratch up some red runner then ^^

  3. chili flakes? Pizza? count me in.. hahaha..

  4. recycle master ZD ^^
    I remember have a lot of unused parts more than that I have tons of beam white "saber" stick >_<

  5. lol

    still gonna increase the 'graveyard' lot ^^

  6. LOL, putty pizza is hazardous!!
    Love your multifunction compass tool.

    I see you cover all the parts with putty, I usually avoid doing that, putty is very hard to cut or sand >.<

  7. hehe....
    but since something is wrong, so it can be cut easily^^