Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Some Tools...

help on putty, anyone?

went to a store for getting some stuff for the GN Sword X, so here's what i got ^^

not too much stuff...just enough for my current requirement

Sandpaper....180, 360, and 1000 grit

paint brush....kinda small tip..might be useful lol

yes, did i mentioned that i'm making the RaiXer Sword? this is the key item!!

and lastly...the putty...i got some trouble when i'm choosing the putty since this is the first time i'm using first i was going to choose the 2-tube type: the resin and hardener but i went buying this instead...

some instructions at the, is this type of putty is good? can anyone help me with this? i bought it as it says epoxy putty-high grade----lallallalla~

but still think that it will benefit me~ ^^



  1. awesome pink plastic to match lol looking forward to the next update ^^

    im actually a bit curious about type of putty too, never worked with it but its something i wanna try out.

  2. ummm...
    that putty almost killed me ^^

  3. I saw that too at NTUC. Looks like it's simpler to use since it's already in the right ratio.