Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Trying Putty....

Smells Funny..

tried out the putty i got...should be more aware when using this.. T_T

how it a cylinder of resin and thinks..

lets started on it!!
i kneaded it with some water and it got kinda soft..

the amount that i cut

how it looks after being me..the smell of this thing is KILLING ME !!!ORZZ!!!

however...i didnt notice that the instuction told that it must be used within 2 minutes after being after i filled the gap in the picture...the rest got kinda wasted...orz...

tomorrow will see the result...lets see if this putty is worth buying ^^



  1. dude, putty gives off chemical smells and act like drugs.

    do in well ventilated room and take bath after use, to be safe.

  2. huhu...

    didn't really get high lol

    better be careful next time

  3. hmm.. your progress seems nice..
    gotta see the result soon..

  4. Good luck
    but I am kinda don't like putty ^^ the smell you know what I mean ^^;;

  5. haha....not really good luck at all ^^

  6. Hmm never smell 1 before,guess I am lucky that I didn't smell 1 before.

  7. so selleys putty smells....
    hm....better stick with my alteco epo putty ^^

    2 minutes time to use is kinda short, if you try to mix it with water again, will it be soft again?