Thursday, February 11, 2010


Yep, reached my target...1000 hits on my blog!!
BTW, this blog is still not 1 year old will celebrate its 1st anniversary on 29th April...

so far, there are 58 posts posted in this blog..

this blog mainly serves for a portal for my hobby, Gunpla-ing/fixing model kits
but there are also some posts on my daily life/recollection etc

for model kits reviews, here are my review-styles
MG/complicated models=box-cracking,painting,frame build,armor attaching, overall review (+some add-on for the models)
HG/1:100/standard models=box-cracking,painting,parts building and review,overall review (+some mods)

lastly, i would like to thank every single persons who gave supports that make this blog to be alive (never 'die' before actually)

Coming Soon : Project KnightinGale File 1


  1. congratulation :D
    for model I prefer HG nowdays I maen what I can do to a MG to imprive that kit ?? it's perfect already

  2. Congratulations on hitting a mile stone man :D

  3. clapclap2*
    belanja aq?ahha

  4. moe: maybe a very little mod like sepearting the fingers ^^ quite common actually

    Chubbs : thnx!

    inani : make jah tahu....

  5. Hoho. 1K and counting up.