Monday, February 22, 2010

GN Sword X!! WIP 5

More putty Flaws

from the poll results, i'm going to go with Omegamon color scheme for the blade which is black and silver.....starting the painting process, i firstly give X a nice coat of white paint as primer(still cannot find any surfacer T_T)

since i'm using spray can and this brand is not really 'right', so i sprayed a thin coat and repeated the process until i got a good layer of coat..since if it is sprayed at great amount at a time, the paint will flow and will cause surface to be uneven (experience this a lot during painting StrikEagle ^^;; ), this is how it look after a nice white coating .. more flaws during putty applying process are now more obvious >_< putty Flaw....rough surface and brittle look

another flaw.... uneven surface and 'chipped' edges

and yeah, thanks for every C & C that are given for all the WIPs!! so, some revising is comments on the RaiXer Sword that it is oversized and messy so i'll change the look a bit...

yep, i reduce the width of the beam but still retaining the 'flame' effects...i did mentioned earlier that superglue is useless on this pink sheet so i can take the pieces apart easily and easily took the glue off the sheet...will clean it throughly after this

so, when it is assembled together, it will look like this...looking nicer..combining the thin look of RD and extreme effects of ver ZD ^^ but gotta think of something to put them together as it put superglue to shame ^^;;

searched at the store for blue and dark gray paint but only managed to find gray paint so let it be..the painting must goes on..

that will the part in gray color...the lower part will be in blue as to pay respect to OO's weapon lineups ^^

a better picture....the spray paint turned out to be glossy/shiny..? wth?

that will be the latest progress so far....while searching for blue paint, i'll figure it out on something to replace superglue ^^;;



  1. Putty tu sbenarnya pelekat ke, gam ke atau cam plastisin, camner gunanya?

  2. the beam parts looks better and better :D
    good luck

  3. Ah I had the same problems as you working with putty with the first time. That is why surfacer is impt to check all the mistakes prior to painting!!

    But good attempt nontheless!! Keep it up!

  4. mangyver5223 - putty tu cam plastisin la lebih kurang... gunenye untuk tampal lubang-lubang, buat tambah permukaan baru...

    @ZD - ur paint might be gloss type ... try top coat it.. and my suggestion more sanding to make better surface effect ^^;;

    great work ^^ keep it up!

  5. hoho..thanks guys...

    tsuki : still cannot find any topcoat and guess what, i'm using that krystal brand spray..hohohoh

  6. that is pretty freakin awesome! nice job on making it a very intimidating bad ass sword lol

  7. Gunplaite

    Hey,good job on the putty being your first time and everything. Did you use a pink clear plastic sheet for the raiser sword effect? i was thinking about doing the same by buying a no grade destiny gundam and giving it "wings". As for your pla plate dilemna the credit cards were a good subtitute but any ones that i see are usually very glossy so i presume that paint wont stick and it will be a big mess. What i use for scratch building and what not are "for sale" signs the plastic is thin but i counter that by layering it.It's a good alternative for people like me who live in the U.S and have no acess to gunpla making resources. :)

  8. oh thanks for dropping by and the comment!!

    yes, i use a pink plastic sheet for the RaiXer Sword and since i had sanded all parts of the sword, so the paint stick quite nice

    and yes, until i lay my hand on pla plates, i'll still use those credit cards ^^

  9. Oooo...barulah aku tau...some sort of to remouldlah, kan?