Tuesday, February 23, 2010

ZoidsPoison Custom Contest 2010 Results

The Results Are In!!!!

yes, as i mentioned, the results for ZPCC 2010 is announced now
however, for ZPCC 2010, the voting period is not well announced so there are not so many members of ZP that vote for the contest's entries...
so the results are :

Entry 22: RPZ-212 Storm Heron with 14 votes

Entry 17: 无 (Wu) with 13 votes

Entry 18: Poseidon with 11 votes

Entry 14: Detective Labrador with 5 votes

Entry 23: XZ-109 Askari with 4 votes

Entry 19: Berserker Tiger with 3 votes

Entry 12: Rapid Leopard II with 3 votes

Entry 26: Whitz Jaguar w/ Armament sets with 3 votes

Entry 13: EMZ 46 Stegomya with 2 votes

Entry 20: Gero Chan with 1 vote

Entry 16: Achaean Thorn with 1 vote

Entry 21: Molga Scarlet Special with 1 vote

Entry 25: Blade Runner with 1 vote

Entry 30: Patrol with 1 vote

There, i've listed all entries that got voted..as you can see from the votes gained by each entry, not so many members had voted......
BTW, for 2010, there are a few changes are made which is participants can't vote for their own entry(ies), 3 votes per member...
with overall 36 entries, i think that 3 votes per member is not enough..

as for the results, there are some customs that i didn't expect to get voted and for my own entry, StrikEagle , yeah, got no vote at all.....this is one thing that make me felt downed a bit...after submitting my entry and more striking entries are submitted by other members, i'd assumed that my entry can't go for the top five but at least it will got some vote......at least i can know that someone like my custom^^;;
but then, maybe due to the limited number of votes that a member could cast......ahh, nevermind...this is just a start

as for the winners,
Storm Heron and Askari came from the same person so it will be replaced by the next entry on the list but there are 3 customs that had the same amount of votes...so the admin of ZP said that a poll for the 5th place will be arranged^^

as for the prizes, top 5 entries will receive $100 but winner with multiple winning entries will only got prize for one entry only and the 1st place will received this , a mini statue made using 3D printer aside from cash prize
for ZPCC 2011, i'll be betting on this...somehow, scratch building is fun!!!

ZPCC 2011, here i come!!!!

note: I'm not the admin ^^



  1. wooot.. the 1st is uber awesome..
    what is that? a phoenix?

  2. its a heron/crane...
    man, when that custom is submitted..my StrikEagle didn't wanna fly in the air.. ^^

  3. well i hope you win ZPCC 2011 with that giant scratchbuild you could probably get points for originality i cant think of a single modeler who used carboard toilet paper rolls :) I bet it would look really good if you gave it lots of details and maybe a gundam riding it :) I for one would love to see an rx-78-2 play rodeo with a gigantic dino-zoid. :) :)

  4. Ah so sorry to hear about this man but glad you are taking part in the next round :D Thats the spirit man.

    Just a suggestion. Hmm I think one think of that I thing you can implement from the heron build is adding more details to your stike eagle wings. Cos yours is a one piece flat surface so adding more pla plates to the surface to add some layering will help.

    Then again keep building man :D

  5. hoho thanks guys...

    yes, lack of details.....need to find pla-plate now ^^

    need to arrange my project schedule do that i can complete all project at time!! ^^