Tuesday, February 16, 2010

GN Sword X!! WIP 1

GN Sword X?

due to the prOOtest held before, i had to find a solution to stop the protest, after spending some time at the "dark side", i came to a solution!!

it is::: GN Sword X!! (thanks to Moemoekyun for the idea and the name!)

first and foremost..
the design..

a random sketch on the weapon...i just only draw the basic design and will add more details once the main frame is finished (those zig-zag lines is due i was transferring the design to a mounting board)
as you can see, this weapon is not a folding type but i will consider adding firepower when the main frame is complete ^^

without hesitating, i took some mounting board and cut out the templates and attached them together....there, i got the prototype for the weapon!!

test fit on the arm...it is held quite good due to the weapon being locked onto the arm at 3 points : the palm. lower arm, upper arm

with this, i can see the end of the demOOnstration ^^

however, for the real type, i had to use a material to replace pla-plates (still cannot get a grip on these T_T)

Taaddda!!! kadfon/phone card!! why i choose to use this? i saw at this blog where neck joint extension is made using credit card to replace pla-plates!!
Derringer also got me impressed when he used talc powder and superglue to remove seamlines ^^

latest progress....i'd cut the main blade and the side cores for the blade..it is longer and thinner compared to the prototype ^^....will add the details next!!

and yes, i made a video (more lame than Tsuki's video!!) demonstrating on how the sword is attached to the arm ^^
enjoy!!(imagine rrobbert184 doing the talking^^ LoL)

LoL, low quality ^^



  1. Good this what I like :D

    just need one things to think now how to make looooooooooooooooooong beam parts lol(like RD)

  2. lol, ninja comment

    haha...will think about that! will use photoscape for some special effects^^ lol

  3. 00: Yes, finally... NEW SWORD! FINISH IT NAO!

    Seriously, take your time and do your best to make it look really nice! Great alternative you have decided, DIY! =D

  4. Man I wonder how did you even mold the sword until so nice,and even function smoothly.

  5. CD : haha thanks a lot man!

    KeionFan : just cut it nicely with a sharp knife and the board is kinda flexible ^^

  6. wooot.. awesome.. will look for your work...

  7. Using card phone to replace pla-plate?? why dont someone tell me earlier?? Cannot find that stuff(pla-plate) at any gundam shop my area until now:-( Great idea zoidiect, cant wait to see it completed..:-)

  8. haha thanks...

    thanks to Derringer for the idea!!