Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Wanna try this for a ride on a bike?

nothing at all, just that i've got nothing to write..but first, let me apologize on some difficulties faced by some readers due to the language used in this blog...gonna stick on english from now ^^;

well, what do we got here?

What's this? this is the head of Blue Destiny-02.Yep, i'd ran into a BD-2 and chopped the head off the body and ran away with this...(grin)

just kidding....this is a helmet for a mascot suit i'd made last year for my sport house's mascot=BD-2...

nothing fancy, just made of cardboards, mounting boards and some 'foam' blocks...
the side plate and the top monitor is made of foam so i've got some 'safety' points, anyone wanna use this for a bike-ride?

the only flaw on this helmet is that the face plate is not as the same as the original design for the region below the eye..and due to the rear side is made like that, turning head up while wearing this is kinda hard (due to a single-ball joint used for the neck joint..they supposed to use the same neck joint as HGUC Unicorn Destroy...^^)

and last but not least, the full suit!!

please ignore the people around BD-02

the proportion is not right due to the lack of time...however, it comes with a custom made Bazooka and to differ it from the mascot suits made by alumni starting from 2005 until 2008, this suit is known to have ability to be wore on and off easily (due to my 'cast-on' gimmick)

thats all, me thinks..

still figuring out some future projects like Project KnightinGale..but for some fun, i might try on making OverFlag helmet ^^



  1. I thought your photos in that FB was photoshop LOL so you use this helmet

  2. hahaha....this helmet is the only remnants that i managed to retrieve from the whole suit (kinda hard to bring all the suit back home)

    BTW, i'm not that good in photoshop ^^

  3. omg...thats a sweet suit :D I love the helmet design man. How long did you take to make the whole suit? A flag armor will be very cool ^^

  4. haha....almost three week for the whole suit as i only spent 5 hours per day (with help from my friends too)
    built using wire net, covered with sponge layer..

    a flag suit might be cool but the proportion might be weird so i gonna go for the helmet (man, i love screen-face!! )

  5. Hmm the only gundam I can cosplay is a SD gundam...I got a big midsection....sobz...