Saturday, February 27, 2010

Something not-really-related

I should haven't read that Ronin Astray WIP......

currently, i am quite lazy to go to the store...well, i just need to buy blue paint and double-sided scotch tape and i can finish that GN Sword X...but...
i am a bit lazy to do so...
can say that old sickness strike back ^^;;

but then,scrolling some tread at Hobbyfanatics, i stumbled on a tread where someone's turning a PG Astray into a Samurai-looking Astray...and yeah i found that it looks cool....

the evening is a bit boring so...

yes, that's it! got some phone card cut and glued and ended up with this...a Katana!

the design is pretty simple but it still the basic sword and i'll shall add more details soon ^^
OO : wtf? i need no katana..just finish my X!!!ONNOORREEE, ZD!!!

ignored him ^^

Nadleeh seems to be happy with that sword ^^
what should i name the sword?
any suggestions? lol

and just now, something stumbled upon my mind, which is making a Musha Gundam..hehe, first a knight then a samurai?
oh my...
but then, if i still can't find any DSSD Astray (bootleg,of course!), i might go on making this musha gundam instead...well there are lots of bootleg kits that i think are convertible into this musha type (but for the knight only DSSD Astray that i found is suitable for such conversion ^^)

well then, need to complete X first and then will decide on which go first..whether Project KnightinGale File 1 or Musha XXXXX Scroll 1 ^^



  1. Nadleeh is one of my fave at 00 season 1 along with Dynames..

    well I do want some MG Virtue/Nadleeh now..
    Nadleeh with a Katana.. hmm.. ehehe..
    Dual Katanas.. hmm..

  2. NAD Katana, is that good?
    I like Nadleeh more than the simple Gundam Seraphim

  3. haha...nadleeh is only for demonstrating the katana...the real musha for that sword is not decide yet ^^

  4. lol
    other gundam will use that sword and it will get samurai armor...sort like that ^^

  5. who wouldnt like a free katana! musha gundam sounds like a fun project ^^

    that ronin astray is really cool, that guy really knows how to work with pla plates.

  6. yeah, his skills in bending pla-plate makes my jaw dropped ^^

  7. Nadleeh look nice with the Katana,but like moe say need a bit of armor,if not once Nadleeh was hit,Major damage.

  8. orz...
    nadleeh only demonstrating the katana....i'll use other gundam for the musha ^^;;

  9. looking nice~ ... to me Nadleeh is like Exia twins lolz

  10. That thread was one of the few works that inspired me to do pla plating. Its an incredible thread to follow!!

    Why not make nadeeleh a musha nadeeleh :D The sword that you have here fits very well with him ^^

    Tiera musha custom!!

  11. lol
    tieria musha!
    but i prefer to keep it like that after tons of seals on it ...
    i shall use other kits for this musha ^^

  12. Cool. Nice katana. =D
    You must turn it into a cool shiny sword when you're done with it! *_*
    I definitely should look for some old phonecards too. XD

  13. look for it!!
    save your pla-plate!!

  14. he has samurai astray
    then you have to make a ninja nadleh ^^

  15. Hor I thought got WIP for this. =)

  16. haha just something i did when feel boring ^^;;