Sunday, February 14, 2010

Marking Seals...

ok now, lets begin..

ZD: what the?..cut it off!! you're ruining the show!!
OO: Who cares? let the world hear my voice through this demOOnstration!!
Nadleeh: screw it...*Nadleeh kick!*

now, lets begin(for real)

some people dont really like the marking seals that are given for some they will be peeled over after some time..and it will make gunpla look horrible..since the seals are bigger than the marking on it, it is better if the seals is trimmed...for Zoids-builder (Tomy Takara ver) might be used with trimming stickers..
when stickers/seals is trimmed and pasted on the model, it will make it to be better rater than the untrimmed one..

trimming stickers will give you this type of effects...presenting::Blade Liger Noir (ZD Custom)

some close-up...trimming the stickers will make them stick on the surface much-much better...(look at the dusts.....lets guess how old it is ^^)

however, BL got those seals for only just 1 month now..lets look at another subject

Arosaurer...the stickers were sticked 2 years ago and still looking good..

some close-up..need to brush the dusts of him also

i got a sheet of seals from WZC and only used a little for here goes the trimming and applying onto some of my gunpla....

presenting.MasterHigh Grade Nadleeh Ver .ZD

Some MG points : Knee joint

Shield.. How i make this? view it here

and another one that got seals treatment is prOOtest king of the shelf---OO Raiser!!

serious trimming is required for OO...but since he spoiled this show earlier...he will only got a picture only...muahahahahahha



  1. still want Gn sword III why not getting HG exia R2 you need exia right build it as normal exia and make modification to the GN sword III parts maybe use GN sword II handle well I am sure your creativity will help you

  2. Woah trimming really makes a big difference :D Will try that out on my next build ^^

    Btw love that color scheme for the shield liger!!

  3. moe : haha...the design is completely different from each other....didn't ave enough confidence to do that..might consider it as well..

    Chubbs : haha..its blade liger anyway

  4. woah.. trimming it means need a lot of effort and concentration..
    it does looks good..

  5. Mafty: just try it..its really fun to do!!
    gundam seals are thinner than zoids so it is easierr

  6. Why u don't spray the decal with lacquer so that i not peel off easily over time?

  7. i remember using the stickers on my wing zero and they looked so ugly that i removed them XD
    shorty after i saw a video about cutting the edges off, havent tried it yet but seeing how they look on your kits it makes a great improvement!

  8. mangyver: this is one way to save on lacquer ^^

    Rockleelotus : haha, try it! trimming is fun!

  9. just letting you know I linked to this tutorial, keep up the entertaining and informative tutorials (while building kits too :P)