Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Gundam Nadleeh Mod Works(hehe)

Cutting mat!!Guilty!!!!

Why? I'm sure it is the one who's responsible for what i've done....

for some reasons..it seems that getting a cutting mat influenced me a lot...
why i'm saying this?after my Abyss Gundam got modded..now my Gundam nadleeh also got modded...

it was just some simple mods done to the shield and knees(better said the knees undergo MG-fying process..haha)


the shield is composed of three parts: front,back and the 'handle'...the front part supposed to be in three colors: white,red and dark gray but it is made in white color only and foil stickers is provided for the red part....so the modification that will be done is on the part highlighted in green(in the pic).that one supposed to be colored in dark gray but in matter of extra detailing..i will remove that part..

the separated front part...excess part is cut off so that there will be a gap between the white part and the red part

the 'can be seen white part' on the red part is colored red

done with the shield..


next is MG-fying the knees..making it look just like in the pic above..
the original knee can be seen on the left side..what i mean in terms of MG-fying is by making the knee's armor to separate when the leg is bent..

first,the lower leg is disassembled..the red line shows which parts that will be cut

the parts that had been cut..the knee armor and the lower leg frame..the lower leg frame is cut at the upper side..the excess plastic at the parts is chipped off..

the leg is reassembled and the knee part is glued on the joint pieces..

how it look like when finished..the knee armors will separate when the leg is bent

nothing looks different..only when it stand upright.

bending the legs will show the linked movement of the knees...haha..wondered will Nadleeh look like this in MG version(no way you will get a MG Nadleeh)

looking better instead of huge original knee block...an eyesore...

kneeing pose looks much much more better..

Aha!since the beam sabers is stored in the knees...so by modding the knees...the beam saber might can be used like in above pic...haha...now it look like how Seravee use the knee beam saber!!

(still blaming the cutting mat for my 'violent' actions on my Gundams)


  1. omg.ur so damn gundam.hahha
    support our local brand.
    kidding only bro,ok?

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