Thursday, December 10, 2009

MG Wing Gundam Zero Custom Part 1

I said before that i'll make myself busy after the SPM.......this is how i'm gonna do it
about this language teacher recommended me with the Gundam Wing lineups....
and at the same time i wanted to assemble a MG after my MG Master Gundam....

The box of the action poses featured is based on this pose..

Unboxing!!!with a some sort of large box....i'm already expecting for some 'big' amount of parts to be assembled

quite large number of packages in the 8 packages for the sprues..

there are totally 16 sprues all together....while inspecting the sprues....i realized that some of the sprues were from the MG Wing Gundam ver. this case...i got two pairs of palms,one in white colour and the other one is in dark grey colour..

these are the sprues that came from MG Wing Gundam ver.Ka

There are two 1/100 scale figures of the Gundam's pilot,Heero figure is standing upright while one is in sitting pose as it will be seated in the cockpit.

that clear round piece is for the green orb on the chest of the will be treated with the same technique as been done on OO Gundam's GN condensers.

Foil stickers and decals for the kit..there are two type of decals:dry transfer and
tattoo-like decals..
i'm going to apply only the tattoo-like decals as the dry transfer one might get peeled off quite easily..

MG kits contents usually is covered with a card showing the Gundam(left side)..the back of the manual is usually printed with the rear view of the kit..

Still need to find some equipments and tools before i can start building this kit....

will go on panel-lining and will start to build the body frame first!!

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