Wednesday, December 9, 2009

End of SPM

Tamatlah sudah SPM....
this mean that I can revert back to my normal life...
no more hostel.... will be sooooooo hard to meet kawan2 balik....

end of SPM means that secondary schooling had also ended..
being a SBP student is something extraordinary...
lepas ni confirm susah skit nak bangun solat subuh..
no more berhambat dengan PK 1 coz lewat subuh atau lewat pergi prep..

after the last subject for pure science students..a.k.a chemistry paper..
of course we got that malam tautan kasih/last dinner for 5th formers tapi not all of the Cravius Leonidus attend it..however...sepanjang event sampailah balik sampai sekolah..I kept thinking on the days after 9th december 2009..
can we regather back the 16 members of #0509 band members..(cerah, payied, bong, syimi, ijoe, iwan, Aan, fikri, daim, rumy(myself) ,tina, ninie, mirah, rina, mc da, izzati)..
or the members of 5 Al-Jahiz??

can I meet Bazli again(my dorm member from 2005 until 2009)..
or meet Alif Fitri?(I graded his brain as A++)

or the frontline of 5 Al-Jahiz?(Me, Meor, Aifaa, Ben,Inani)?
or students of other SBPs that I knew or knew me?(5AB class members of SESTER,Gijoe, Zamir, and percussion line of SESMA, that guy from BRAINS(bukan Syidi))??

can I still play with Miao(logi) and Putih?(xsey main ngan garfield...wat gege male2)

can I crash my beloved pair of Cymball T_T

leaving school is like carrying a large burden of memories whether sweet or sour or hot or spicy....

everybody that I met during the period from 2005 until 2009..
I'm gonna miss you all!!

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  1. sdeyh aq dgr.+_+
    thx a lot 4 ur help.
    plus 4 being ptient.
    aq rndu dak klas 5AJ.hahha