Saturday, December 12, 2009

MG Wing Gundam Zero Custom Part 2

Started building Wing Gundam...
however...lets begin with introducing my tools..

They are pliers/nippers/side cutter(it doesn't matter what you call it..its better that you know what it is :P),art knife,toothpicks,cotton buds,and something i got from a pair of compasses(used for applying stickers and hold small things)
I shall start with building the body when you put on the armors,some parts are hard to be taken off to expose the frame..

starting from down,the feet goes first...the construction is fairly simple,compared to MG Master Gundam(lots of screws,hell)

here's it looks when it is just could only be folded downwards.

Parts for the rest of the doesn't possessed any sliding mechanisms like nowadays MG but it got a sliding piece but i Didn't know what it's for..

finished with the leg....very fine details were molded on the frame!!

degree of articulations of the legs...the length of the leg's parts are different causing some problems to do kneeing pose..

Parts for the pelvic girdle...only two parts ('_')

the another leg frame is has goood senses of machineries...

building the torso starts with the cockpit block..a large round sticker is applied at its front.

this is how it looks...

the pilot figure is the fits snuggly in the seat..

rest of the parts for the torso..

The torso has a cockpit block which can slide to show the pilot...

here's the parts for the head..since I'm building the frame so i will only assemble the main parts for the head,ignoring the v-fin and the 'ears'...

the finished head...panel-lining the face plate is quite hard since the space is small and i'm using a marker with fine tip,so the ink actually spill over and over...causing me to spend some time to clean up the mess..

The main frame with the head...
will go on for the arms..

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