Sunday, December 13, 2009

MG Wing Gundam Zero Custom Part 4

Biology form 5 chapter :locomotion and support
(What the h**k?I thought i'm assembling gunpla?)

Leaving only the arm parts to be assembled to complete the building of the frame

parts for the arm....too bad that Bandai did not produce the frame for the lower part of the arm..the palm is molded in white colour..

Finished arm...the shoulder,too, has frame..

as i'm building the i will use the dark palm(excess part in this kit..originates from Wing Gundam ver.ka) as it will produce a more 'frame-look'.. was then i realized that the polycap for the palm is not held well and it requires extra support from some pieces including that blue armor part..(geez,actually i do not really want to use any blue part for the frame,but i thnk this time it can't be helped...sigh)

here's how it looks...the lower arm is almost complete

the completed frame...the frame is quite balanced in terms of the size of the parts..

degree of articulations of the frame...wonder if the armors will (a little bit) affect this almost 'perfect' articulations...however...I still could not figure out the function of the sliding piece at the back of lower leg..

looks!he's doing some exercise!!the double-ball piece connecting the hip and the torso did give the frame good articulations..

it also bends forwards...

and a little bit backwards...quite satisfying for me!!

monster!!!yameroo!!kaiju!!hiaahh,ULTRA BEAM!!!!!!

putting a try on Usain Bolt Winning(trademark) poses..he did it really well (^_^)

degree of articulation of the fingers..the thumbs are ball-jointed but the rest are hinge-jointed...however..the index finger is free from the other 3 fingers(still considering this design as flaw)

practising some pose with his beam saber....sure he's gonna looks much much better with the armors on!!

next: weaponry and armaments..

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