Friday, December 18, 2009

MG Wing Gundam Zero Custom (Final)

the end of a long-time work
(blame yourself, being could finish this for 2 days actually.)

basic photo on Wing Zero...

head close-up

the machine cannon...opening it requires the head to be raised up to the maximum...wonder how Heero used it it the anime with soo ease...

the mechanisms of this MG is mainly focused at the wings...for the main wing..the flaps has simultaneous movement mechanisms

the back wing also has some mechanisms...pulling the lower part of the wing will cause the inner part of the wing to 'slide' out..(quite similar to Sinanju's wing mechanism)

the real angelic pose...perhaps Exia is copying this pose :)

putting a try on the box-art pose..

the buster rifles is quite making poses with the rifles is limited(i couldn't imagine Wing Zero is using the rifles in the way how Strike Freedom is using his rifles.. )

the trade mark pose of Wing Zero....actually he is holding the combined rifles with one hand...the another hand is just supporting it..

another view...

beam sabers is stored in the arms of the back wings...wonder how Wing Zero could reach it...

don't think that he looks good with those beam sabers..

a basic way in using beam sabers..use maximum number of beam sabers that your hands could hold..(Tieria taught me about this(^0^))

putting a try on 'Trans-Am' pose...he sure will looks more creepy with those wings!!

if i not mistaken....this pose is called 'atmospheric re-entry' mode....don't know if i'm right or not...

one question:can Wing Zero be mounted on Action Base 1??

the answer is the package of Action Base 1..a clip similar to the clip of the display stand of Wing Zero is provided...see arrow in the pic

putting him on the Action Base 1 allowing more dramatic poses to be made since Action Base 1 is articulated compared to display stand of Wing Zero

another view of an example pose made on Action Base 1...

this MG is a satisfication for me as this is the second MG i ever built...building this MG exposed me to MG's mechanisms as well as the tattoo-style decals(thanks stormbreaker and Spartan of ZoidsPoison for their helps)...
anyway....this is one of a Gunpla that i satisfied the most especially with the building...

ZD MG ratings:8/10 stars(still considering the palm's articulation and the inability of white palm to grab the rifles as flaw )


  1. Nice build, it's a lot cleaner than mine hah

  2. thanks ^^ well just OOB if i paint this it wont be this clean XD