Sunday, December 27, 2009

Abyss Gundam Mod Works


currently felt a little bit I took my Abyss Gundam that rested on the shelf for a long time..felt a bit guilty for abandoning him...
anyway...after viewing and observing lots of Gundam Mod works in the I decided to do something with this kit...
about this kit...this is my first HG kit.its a birthday present from my almost aged for 4 years now...on that time...I am still a newbie in gundam modelling so the assembly of this kit is quite worse...
the problem that i faced for this kit is that the back cannon.the joint between the cannon and the backpack is made of ABS plastic so after 4 got wore the same time...I want Abyss to be able to manage the back cannons in the way on how Vent Saviour manage his cannons....

first, i thought of making a limb to enable the mobility of the cannon from sprues parts..however,I got blank so i grabbed a FG Exia(broken) on the shelf and took the upper arms..a ball-type joint is put in the cavity and a polycap(forgot what type) is glued in the elbow slot...

a rod is put in the upper polycap...the limb for the cannon is complete!!
this is how it looks...the cannons could move around quite freely..

how they look with Abyss..just like i ever wanted..

the cannons when they are not deployed

they go forward the same way on how Vent Saviour did now looks some sort like Freedom i think..

no much different in MA mode with the original MA mode..

the cannons' tips of the side binder is painted with silver marker...

looking at the excess Exia's part..i then took the shoulder armors and put it in inverted position on the arms..however the side of the arm is scrapped a bit and the shoulder armor is cut a bit so that it can be attached perfectly..

this is how it looks!!it already has the look of an MA..

the creepy looking blue stickers on the side skirts armors are peeled off and are coloured in yellow..

the finished Abyss!!!nothing weird on the front side view...

but at the rear side view,here's the nice looking backpack..
however,the cannons can't be made like the previous pic (un-deploy mode) due to the shoulder armors..
still have the good looking!!

great pose could be made with the new backpack..

Yeahh!!do it like Freedom!!

second mod work after FG Virtue..