Wednesday, December 30, 2009

preparation for new year...

nothing at all actually....
just changing that photo.....
first used O Raiser pictures, but for 2010 I'll choose my favorite Gundam in collection..OO Raiser.....

just buffling around...hehe..

refreshing WANTED LIST For YEAR 2010
  1. OO Qan[T](preferably NG 1/100 scale)
  2. MG GN-X(probably 3 or 4 months after the official release,I think)
  3. HG Gundam Exia(replacement purpose)
  4. Bootleg(pirate) HG Gundam Exia(for the repair(half) version)
  5. Driving license(car and bike)(T_T)
  6. New Fishing Reel
  7. A scholarship for my further studies


Doing some Gundam Seed Destiny VS Gundam OO

hehe....between this two series...i will most probably choose Gundam OO!

in terms of storyline, OO is more clear instead of Destiny where all almost about the bad things happen in Shinn's life(hate him THE MOST!!)
OO managed to revive back the power of the term 'GUNDAM' like in the first MS Gundam 0079(Zeon were fear of the RX-78-2 Gundam),making the Gundam to be some sort of 'powerful' than other MS..

but in GSD, there were TOO MANY GUNDAMS!!!
this happen because the term 'GUNDAM' is referring to the operation system(OS) of certain MS (General,Unilateral,Neutron/Nuclear,Dispersive,Automatic,Manuaver).
in GSD also,having certain type of weapons can make certain MS to be the strongest like the nuclear engine and DRAGOON..dont forget about that SEED thing....(goes SEED and you win!!)

in OO..of course the MS is what I like.for the first thing about the MS...I got shock in the first episode of season 1....
during the scene where Exia first deployed the sword,i got astonished by the way on how the sword got deployed..the animation was very fast...
the Sword/rifle of Exia is also just like the new version of Triceros system of Blitz Gundam in Gundam Seed.....the GN Sword/Rifle is the combination of sword,rifle and shield.A super new design that I never think about(folded sword)..

the same also goes to the way how the V-fin slide to reveal the snipe scope..

also the same with the concept of Virtue and Nadleeh design...I never knew that there was Nadleeh in Virtue...the same goes with Seravee,got shock when it did the face-burst in EP 1 of season shock again when I discover it actually carrying a Seraphim on its

Virtue and Nadleeh=Gundam in a Gundam
Seravee and Seraphim=Gundam at the back of other Gundam

nevertheless,the same shock also for Raphael Gundam when it deploy the super large arms on its back('o')

for OO, the special effects were a praise!!
these are some special effects in OO that I consider as the best
  • GN missiles of Ptolemaios
  • GN Field
  • Cherudim shield bits
  • TRANS-AM(season 2)
  • OO Gundam and OO Raiser docking
  • Ptolemaios TRANS-AM!!
  • OO first battle(love the GN particles tentacles)
  • OO Quantization
  • Raiser Sword
  • Arios shoot lots of Gaga during Trans-Am Burst
there are also some battles that I like
  • Exia VS Alvatore+Alvaron
  • OO VS Reborns
  • Cherudim VS Gadessa
  • Arios VS Garazzo
  • Exia R2 VS O Gundam
  • Exia VS Throne Zwei
  • Memento Mori destruction mission
  • OO VS Susanowo
  • Seravee VS Garazzo
  • OO Raiser 1st battle
  • Seravee VS Gadessa
  • Cherudim VS Gaddess(Shield Bits,Dance!!!)
Cherudim VS Gadessa : love the way on how Cherudim used GN pistol with only two fingers
Arios VS Garazzo:super psychotic!!

one thing that I realized in OO S2 is that MS is extremely strong!!
eg:Soma's Ahead Smultron punched Arios's rifle into pieces
Gadessa punched Seravee's Bazooka into pieces
Arios hit Garazzo's head using its own rifle(Ouch!!)

one more thing!!in one of the episode of Gundam OO S2,Lyle(Lockon) said to Haro that he is going to be in serious mode and guess what?instead of launching together with the catapult pads,Cherudim launched off the catapult pads!!!

however, i would like to say that HG Gundam OO is a revolution for HG kits.with new polycaps, Bandai also introduced ball-joint for the waist joint.OO HG kits also has articulation at the same degree with MG series...


  1. well In overall OO series have 14 gundam and turn 18 if you count OO movie and if you count spin off and there are around 18+9 = 27 gundam in totaland if count upgraded there are(7 swords,avalacnche exia,etc) there are 27 + 8 = 35 variant
    for GS there are 11 (12 if you count strike rouge) and turn and GSD have 10 gundam so 20 in total if you count spin off like astray gold,red,blue,green,mirage there are 25 and for the others like strike E,stargazer and improvement like bluduel,buster,etc there are currently 45 well not to many actually since OO will have more

  2. least only the good side use Gundam and enemy didn't used lots of Gundams...^^