Saturday, January 2, 2010

1st work for 2010!!


What Zeke?Zeke is one of the main character in Zoids Chaotic Century anf Zoids Guardian Force series.Its an Organoid, a certain type of Zoids that is capable of combining with other Zoids' Core and thus increasing the abilities of the Zoids.There are 5 organoids i used to know;Zeke,Shadow,Ambient,Specula and Pulse(Zoids GBA).Organoids also capable of evolving Zoids;Shield Liger to Blade Liger and GenoSaurer to GenoBreaker....
In NJR Blade Liger model kit, you will get a Zeke figure alongside with Vahn and Fiona figure....feeling boring,i then tried to color Zeke...

on the side of the box, the colored figure is shown.instead of coloring Zeke like in the picture,i want to make Zeke to have metal-feeling..

Zeke figure is made up of 3 pieces;head,body and tail

not too small and not too big.however some places are unreachable by the markers..

First step:panel line the figure.the eyes is also colored

in the beginning, i tried on dry brush method...but it doesn't look nice

another angle of view

then, i tried on other method.i colored it using silver marker and wipe the painted area with a tissue to remove the shiny effect of the marker.what I got?Nnnice Oone!!

however,at some place the paint turned to be grainy....but still looking good

nice one!!!

didn't think on what to do now...currently applying decals on my Blade Liger Noir,after 2 years it is built..

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