Wednesday, January 6, 2010

OO,Light Up!!! Part 3

Loop To Loop

wisely spent the daylight i got...saw the wires going up from O Raiser(?),so did some adjustment...

poking up wires are folded down

now they are relocated at the lower back

connected the wires with more wires to lengthen the wires
LOL repeated word 'wires' 3x..^^

and that long wires are directed along the stand to the base..however, the wire turned up to be not enough long so added more wire and channeled them to the another slot of the stand

a MUST!!!lighting test for every wiring done..

another angle

love the way on how the GN Condenser/Capacitor lighted up!!

back monitor.need to scratch off the black paint on the inner side of the monitor

O Raiser supposed to light up in green light but since i was using a big voltage battery(for test only!!), so it might become over-bright...

now need to configure the circuit for the switch and the battery pack..


  1. Looking good! I personally dun really dare to experiment with the LEDs... lol.

  2. hahaha...I don't know how i turn into berserk mode!!