Tuesday, January 5, 2010

OO,Light Up!!! Part1


Apparently,did a great leap today after yesterday's blank.Somehow I managed to 'shove' a LED into OO's torso but now had to do something with the thruster pack,most preferably some wiring.Will try to adjust O Raiser to be the battery pack..

could see the LED 's legs at the back
anyway,need to think on someway to adjust the wiring

Light Up!!
but it is blue, perhaps green might will turn up better..
but this is too bright and doesn't look nice

this degree of lighting is just perfect..the side GN Condenser and back monitor will be painted with green marker..

side view...super bright lighting!!

this is how it look in the dark!!

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  1. Wow awesome!!!!!!.....how did you put the led in???....pls tell me or email me about the way you put the led in at danyal_ashley@yahoo.com