Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mini Photo Studio ver. ZD

I Need This,Okay?

Well,almost spent the whole week for my ZP entry,StrikEagle......during the building process, noticed that I got to send the best pictures for the I need for a nice, stumbled upon some easy tips on making a photo I made a very simple one...but this one didn't got its own lighting so got to find a nice lighting of my own...

to make this, I took a box and cut off the flaps..

then,I removed one of the sides and cut away any unwanted flaps..

next, simply cover the interior with white paper(or maybe color it with white paint)...better if mahjong paper is used since it is bigger..

finish!!super simple one!! Version ZD

Quickly did a test shoot

then, for further test,I took it to a room of good lighting(in this case,its big sis Eina's room..hehe)...this picture is taken with flash

without flash, the result is simply good..and nice white background :>

some close up pictures

I like this pose and this shot

took a better shot of face close-up

well then.....need to hurry to finish my StrikEagle..the dateline is 31/01/ not much time left..


  1. nice background...(mybe sum craft pprs?)
    but 4 my opinion..
    u shud think of a background which is smooth 2 avoid nmpk bekas glue..btw..ur gundam totally awesome!thumbs up!

  2. nti r....kak ak suh guna ketas mahjong.....nti lu.....pasni bru ejas plak

  3. kalau aku, aku guna kertas putih licin cam kertas kalendar besar yang licin untuk background putih. aku lekat kat dinding

  4. ya x ye jugak....kertas kalendar tu besar kan....ader kalendar yang jadi mangsa lepas ni...hehe

  5. whoa x t`pkir lak aku nk wat studio amik gambo guna kotak 2