Monday, January 25, 2010

Bootleg HG Exia Trans-AM -> Exia Repair Conversion work

first loot for 2010

yep, and it is a bootleg..bought this for my Exia Repair project...actually I want a normal one but i found the Trans-AM, so just went along with the currents..^^
this kit is priced 3 times cheaper than the original ones..
so lets see what does this bootleg gives us

the same box-art......instead of the name Gundam Exia, 'Gundam' is omitted

all runners are packaged in a single plastic bag...not good for the parts as they might scratch each other and the stickers also

all the runners...the polycaps is harder than the original and the red cords is kinda softer

the stickers can stick but there's no bling-bling grains like the original..the stickers are made unaccurately for the model and got scratched really easily

noticed some mold defects...the finger of the open palm are ugly and there are some excess plastic on some parts

some people said that bootleg's parts are kinda glossy and mine also glossy..but since that this is a "trans-am mode with gloss injection" kit..this is okay to me

wtf? the front skirt armors is already separated!!

i then quickly build this kit's the finished product...

close up....the green layer on the eye sticker is scratched when i tried to apply the sticker..
the parts are dead hard to be assembed...sometimes i stepped on certain pieces so that it will snap together well....the yellow part on the chest is thin and indeed sharp...when i was trying hard to put it in easily cut my thumb...Ouch!

image from
referring to this picture...this is what I am going to do with this Exia

so then...this is what i'm gonna do......lots of work is needed for the head and the sword...the head needs to be modded into TerminExia head (half Exia,half Terminator)..

well then..need to work on this now ^^



  1. what!? Gao gao moh Sing brand have Exia trans-am mode? Well, good idea for ur to make this guy into repair version......but i think in its better to do this repair version with ignition color mode actually. Harga murah giler kat sana....tak guna,kat kuching mahal gila....

  2. apa kater ko ikut teknik aku buat beam dagger exia, tengok blog aku pasal exia yang baru aku beli tu....ada tekniknya kat sana...kalo ada apa2 bagitau kat bahagian komen blog gua....

  3. @mangyver: Yeah, they have the Tran-AM variations as well. Cool, huh?

    Wow, can't wait to see your Exia Repair. The kit also don't look half bad OOB. Is it stiff?

  4. @CD yep its kinda stiff especially for the knee joint...

    @mangyver5223 nanti nak cari yang warna asal...

  5. x sabar tunggu project ko siap zoidiect, kt mna ko beli exia 2?? harga RM19.90??

  6. Not bad, seeing for your next process. :)