Wednesday, January 6, 2010

OO,Light Up!!! Part2

OO no Hikari

supposed not to work on OO last night but after discussing with my friend(Ashraf Nashir!!) on the wiring, couldn't resist to resume works..hehe..
well, transferred all the equipments to the study room and spent some time there
for reference..below is the 'schematic' diagram on how i got LEDinto OO's torso.
the green lines is the LED's legs/electrodes..of course,it can be inserted there after some 'chopping' are done..

started on the wiring..the electrode is bent into hook shape.

then,connect the electrode with wire

for the backpack,some slots are made to give spaces for the electrode

this is how it looks with the backpack on..

added another LED for O Raiser's tail

lighting test!!nicely done!

how the lighting look for the supposed to turn out as green...but nevermind..(^^)

how it looks if the main nozzle is removed..

so,need to readjust the wires and probably will adjust a stand to help in the placement of the battery...

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