Thursday, January 21, 2010

HTZ-003 StrikEagle

A Zoids custom....After 2 years....

ZD presents...

HTZ-003 StrikEagle

Prototype for Advanced A.I system, Advanced Stealth Camouflage system, EXtreme rAdar systeM (EXAM)

Custom Zoids for Team Noir

Battle Story

Using the data from Buster Eagle, NightWise, Megaleon, and Storm Sworder…Helix Tech Corps built this Zoids, StrikEagle(SE) on purpose to test the Advanced A.I and Stealth Camouflage system.This Zoids is sent to the Team Noir’s moving base, the Noir Crayser so that the systems of SE could develop….during this period, Team Noir just ended a battle against the Dark Army which in this battle, Blade Liger Noir was destroyed when it tries to block a beam from Dark Evosaurer’s C4PC(Charged, Compressed, Condensed, Concentrated) which was meant for Akatsuki Liger…

When SE first arrived at Noir Crayser, it began to show emotions as it expressed sadness when it saw the wreckage of Blade Liger Noir…it then chose Diect Blade (BLN pilot) as its pilot..Diect Blade also nicknamed it ‘Silver Beak’…SE began to be able to communicate by making text appears on its dashboard….using its Advanced Stealth Camouflage, it can change its color according to the surroundings….however, instead going on Noir Color Scheme (black and gold), it chose to stay on its original color but during battle, it will go on the Noir scheme…Another thing is that SE showed no interest towards Team Noir’s insignia but it seems to really liked the insignia of Helix Tech…

Weird enough, SE is found to get along with DimetroPtera Noir and together, they made the best AWACs and Recon team with SE’s EXtreme rAdar systeM (EXAM)…Although it is not a Fuzor-type Zoids, but in a battle, it took the Noir Cannon which is used by LeoStriker Noir (knocked off by a Dark Dispelow) by its claws and managed to shoot some Dark Zoids…

With the Adv.A.I, it could operate itself without a pilot….when Diect Blade acquired his new Zoids, Liger Black Noir (with zeNith OblIteRator C.A.S), SE then chose Leon Cravern as its new pilot until the end of the Dark Army Obliteration Campaign…….

enough for the story...lets go for the main thing..StrikEagle is made using a HG Enact as its main frame and other parts are scratch-built using cardboards and some my brother mini toys....

actually, I wanted to 'revive' my trashed Enact to a certain gunpla Custom....I did managed to make it looks like Regnant though...but I went blank and had to give up on my earlier idea.......with ZP Custom Contest ongoing..i think that maybe I should make this Enact into an animal (or somethng like that^^)

here you got there.....Zoids Custom ver ZD...HTZ-003 StrikEagle!!

rear shot

head close-up

some aerial claw-attack pose

looking on something, SE?

if you read the battle story, notice that I'd mentioned that SE used the Noir this is how it use the cannon ^^

Hiahh!!Eagle KICK!!!!

Weaponry for SE are Prime 100mm Dart Launcher, 2X NoirPalm 6-tube Missile pods, Advanced Strike Laser Claw..

head-up shot and armaments displays...

the Helix Tech insignia on the hip section (tilted H and T)

actually, only Enact's body, arms and feet is used so there are a pile of leftovers of Enact (might be useful for my next custom)..
for my future Zoids Customs, some names are told in the battle story above that are still unveiled which is :-
DimetroPtera Noir (just some simple recoloring)
Noir Crayser Crayfish type (this one will be HUGE!!!imagine how to make a Zoids that serve as a Moving Base!!!)
Liger Black Noir (this one will be the one that i'll put my best..especially to make the N.O.I.R C.A.S [ze
Nith OblIeRator Changing Armor System] )

lets just wait then!!!


anybody wants to help me to clean up my work table?

Virtue : I've got a bad feeling..looks like I'm his next target...

ZD : Nah, no way!! I don't think so....I probably gonna have some rest for a while...just go back to your shelf, okay?

Virtue : *Sigh*