Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Exia Repair ver.ZD


some snapshot of Exia Repair ver.ZD

close up on the damaged side of the head (err..you can say the half-repaired side of head)

by using the upper arm to connect the cape to the body, the cape got some mobility...it can go up....

and can swing 180'....extra articulation, i say XD

MG Exia Ignition box art...

season 2 episode 1: Angels Second Advent

some poses that shown for the MG version

what do you think about this picture?
I think that I'm Saji Crossroad in episode 1 of Gundam OO S2



  1. Pretty amazing job! It looks like Exia Repair can go Trans-AM! ^^

    Good job! =D

    If it could've gone Trans-AM that time in episode 1, those A-LAWS wouldn't have stood a chance! XD

  2. Cool mods man!!! I love the cape and the battle damaged sword!!

  3. if Setsuna had just gone Trans AM that time....Barack Zinin could possibly got pretty owned XD

  4. Wowza! good detail at head. which leftover runner part did u use to make it?

  5. the parts number for the camera body and the rods is for the camera(make it 2mm thick)

  6. Good job I almost think that's a robot damashi exia repair
    you give awesome mod to the head

  7. So this is the one you mention in Marzz blog.
    I wonder why he didn't do Trans-Arm, maybe the system is broken?

  8. i thought like that too...
    since the condensers on the legs are quite damaged

  9. woah cool, trans am repair mode!

    nice customization work ^^

  10. Trans-AM for Exia Repair! First time man! How you make the camera eye? And the cape it awesome!

  11. thanks lol

    i'm bored to see normal Exia Repair =D

    made the camera using the runners rod ~