Saturday, January 9, 2010

OO,Light Up!!! Final

1.5 is not need 3.0!!

figured it out on managing the circuit for OO

that's how i got the batteries and the switch to the base..kind a mess..
one battery is not doesn't light up at all..

lighting was just like usual.

close up

side condenser

back monitor

O Raiser's main nozzle

view on inside lighting

some action poses that are lighting to OO this way got some cons

in instant, i also cut out the plug slot on OO's arm for better hold of the GN sword II

the cons of this way of lighting is due to the wires, O Raiser's body can't be lowered like normal.
the waist articulation is also limited..
using the LED as the neck joint, OO just only can turn his head left and right more raise up and down.
sometimes,the LEDs won't light up correctly so they need to be adjusted for a while

currently, my OO is lack of GN Sword III.....wonder where can I get that...I'm looking forward on the Robot Damashi GN Sword III....if it is compatible with HG OO....

WIPs here ^^
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


next work is on my Enact(trashed by my little brother T_T)
the front skirt armor and right shoulder armor is missing..

knives and keyblade?
let see...

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