Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Little Glance...


Just now, i'd scrolled around and check some of the my shock,i discovered that MG Master Gundam is as tall as Mg Crossbone Gundam(one of the shortest MG)....felt curious,so i took my MGs(Master and Wing 0) and did a height comparisons..

to my surprise,Wing and Master are just of the same height!!!!So i checked for both MSs' technical data in MAHQ.....
Master is 16.7 m and Wing 0 is also 16.7....
no doubt that they are short anyway....standard height for current MS is 18 m...

stumbled upon one of my little brother toys....
ohh!!!its a SD Bucue!!

thats a little cute looking one!!

 anyway,here's a preview on my recent project(0r another mod work you can call)..
making this for ZoidsPoison Custom Contest..
the name is StrikEagle..made up from my trashed-by-my lil-brother Enact...
18 days before the dateline so need to hurry and finish this guy up!!


  1. Hebat blog ko, dh lma wat blog ni???

  2. Yeah, Wing is so much shorter than other Gundams, but never thought Master Gundam has the same height.

  3. height comparisons by Dalong sure gave a lot oh helps ^^