Monday, December 14, 2009

MG Wing Gundam Zero Custom Part 5

Going on with the weaponries!!!

starting with the (twin) buster rifle...

parts for the buster rifle...actually the hose for the rifle is missing in the picture..(were doing something with the hose)

this is what is done with the hose....the hose is painted with the silver marker(again!)

the product!!almost at the length of the kit's frame itself..

close-up on the work done with the's a satisfactory!!

the twin(?) of the rifle is also assembled...they can be combined but i think i will show the 'gattai' in future post..

the parts for the machine cannon...don't really like the name actually..prefer to call it gatling gun or vulcan gun anyway..

the tip of the cannon is also painted with the silver marker(again!!) to produce metal effect..

the completed machine cannon(sigh)..

there are two of them...placed besides the head on the can be opened and closed....really like the metallic effect.(^~^)

the beam sabers....consists of the handle and the beam part...long and sleek in design..the beam is made in standard MG tip and slightly curve..

finished with the weapons..will move to attaching armors to the frame!!

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