Wednesday, February 17, 2010

GN Sword X!! WIP 2

and, for the real type~

have i mentioned that i'm a fast worker? ^^

being quite lively today, i started working on X early in the morning..

managed to cut out the templates before i took my bath ^^

went to a store and bought super glue and attached them i got this!!

comparison with the is longer, slimmer, slender and more mecha-looking

after some rounds of sanding, here's what i got
as the building goes, i had to add more plates to increase the strength of the bonds between the parts

quite hard to put on the arm at first..but after the lower piece came apart and is re-glued, putting it to the arm is easier than the prototype version ^^ no need to remove the palm, lol

the thickness of the blade and thin ^^

Oh my......*speechless*

will increase the thickness of some parts...note that i'd already removed OO from its lighting system ^^

now i'm going to a store to get some putty and something for the RaiXer Sword



  1. congratualition DenOOnstration end :D
    nice Idea next time I will use plastic from old card or sim card to replace pla-plate

  2. Cool blade man! Next time I am gonna try out my scrathbuild using cards :D

    Doing that prototype first was a good idea instead of wasting precious pla plate!!

  3. haha..

    make a prototype before the real!!

    thats for sure^^

  4. The sword look realy cool,look like a sword from the digimon Omnimon ^^

  5. this ver.2 looks much better than the previous ^^

    going to add extra parts at the base of the blade? Or maybe broaden the base of the slimmer blade at the center...