Sunday, March 7, 2010

FreeZeArt Saviour Part 3

indeed it's almost all grey..

touching all main highlights during the build in this post..but first...

I FINALLY GOT A DESIGN KNIFE LOL!!(whats the happening actually? its just a design knife afterall..)
and its not the pricey Tamiya or Bandai just a cheap version...but i am satisfied with it~only cost RM6.90 and got 2 extra blades~

sharp is it? i found it is very useful especially for scratching of anything since we can get more control using this~

so the highlights for the WIP are...

the v-fin...Saviour's V-fin is design so that it can folds up during transformation (nah, this one cant do it..) so i'm making it to look untransformable by sanding it..the left is sanded and the right is default design ^^

the wings got secondary pegs (arrow) to make it be positioned at un-deployed state so i removed the picture i already sanded it

and i also put my personal insignia(circle) on the wings~ well its ZD custom~

for dynamic looks, i 'freezed' the wing at this angle...since the mount is already mounted at an it looks like Hyaku Shiki lol

since i make the front and side skirts to look independently, so used a pin to help mounting the armors

the torso and the waist with the armors glued on...dynamic feels achieved~

for an easy minor detailing (cheap also).....

added extra thruster at the tail fin...the thruster is taken from the tip's cap of a ballpen.its very advantages are that the shape is quite real, already chromed and even got different chrome for the inner side lol ^^

done with the add-ons of whatever...time for full painting!!

*doing masking*

*shakes can*



*runs outside room*

wuaahhh fresh air~

*sprayed own hand*


*opens maskings*

ORZ...painting flaw!!

so, after hours of paintjobs....

it is done~FZA Saviour is done~really looks like Hyaku Shiki lol~ actually there's painting flaw a bit and will fix it for the final post lol...
then, make the display base then...the stand i'm using is a DIY variable holder made using rock and steel wire lol...pretty flexible~

for the base...

yes FreeZeArt!!

and a test-shoot...
gonna make something like this and will add wordings like 01 and Saviour ^^

well then, thats all now!!



  1. looks like strike noir lol not hyaku shiki

  2. make it hyaku shiki in Noir color lol

  3. wooh.. awesome color scheme.. saviour custome eh?

  4. custom color only~
    plus additional thruster for 3 times output lol ^^

  5. I've been in gaming mode for a few days and you're already done with the FreeZe Art Savior!
    Very nice, I like. ^^

  6. well...i'm a fast worker..mentioned it already lol

  7. Hey.. nice mod and pose there.. may i know what material that you use in this picture ..

  8. seven6398: its mounting board
    marzz: thanks lol

  9. thats is pretty badass! good job

  10. Awesome work man :D Simple and nice ^^

  11. simple and nice..concept for amateur like me :D

  12. forgot to ask already get injured by that knife ?? :)

  13. haha not yet lol

    maybe will get injured during next build lol

  14. Good afford on doing that base and the model kit. Don't stop being creative.

  15. haha....saviour kaler hitam kaler merah? ataupun mata aku baru dapat crita 00 complete set dari kawan aku..sekarang tengah buat pengubahsuaian kedua kat BD-1...

  16. leon : yep i wont a goal to achieve in mod world ^^

    mangyver: tgk betul2..haha gud lak ngan 2nd mod kat BD-1

  17. bukan hitam lol...tapi kelabu gelap...tambah putih sket...malas nk buat bnyak2 color...haha