Monday, March 15, 2010


Internal Surgery

spent less time admiring the still-not-assembled parts so went through the build and the first to be build is the leg~ mainly for the mod job~

due to the mod plan, only assembled the leg like this...for making trial-and-error to be carried out easily...this is the original mobility of the knee

after fiddling the leg a while, i then found the 'culprit' for the 90' bend

that part~ it limits the movement~ and it need some surgeries~

the lower knee pieces-before and after cutting off that tiny chunk, a huge difference can be obtain lol

but then, another thing is detected to has influence on the mobility..the rear leg armor--

that part is sanded until i got a nice degrees of bending~!

after the surgery, the bending of knee improved a bit(only lolz)
its good even improved a i continued with the rest of the leg's building

psycho frame even for the feet...NICE~! me like~

the finished leg...and yeah, the psycho frame is cool~~
but, i then noticed that the leg still got potential to have more bending so...

i sanded the rear (protruding) armor until it is aligned the same alignment with the thruster armor...i used 360 grit so that the sanding will be fast and the thruster armor also got scratched a i used 1000 grit followed with wet-sanding~
results? SMOOTH Finish~!

the knee mobility?

even better~!!!i think is about 100' degrees...more 10' than original bending..
thats better~lol SATISFIED~!

shall continue building the another leg and the waist lol~!



  1. COO~!
    Your surgery fix makes a BIG difference there.


  2. *bows*
    thanks lol

    thats how plastic surgery should work XD

  3. WoW a big different in the legs,hmm more dynamic poses ^^

  4. keionfan : im not really fond of 90'bend~so..mod it~

    twi: only ninja the leg lolz~

  5. Simple cut, yet great results.

  6. hahahah kick that bandai ass for make this crap @_@
    thanks for the info =D

  7. Even HGUC aslo need to mod for more bending ^^;;

    Psycoframe look cool

    nice progress.. cant wait for next WIP!

    now im tempted to buy HGUC Unicorn lolz

    MG Unicon - what bout me?? O_o
    Tsuki - lulz

  8. sweet mod, your good at this stuff. everyone should do this ^^

  9. Ok now you are officially a gunpla surgeon :D Lol

  10. tsuki : no one hates extra bending lolz~and-get~get~get~! XD

    rocklee : lets make all UC bends leg more than 90' lol~

    chubbs: *picks scaplel* LOLZ haha

  11. brape reger DM tu? aku ader cuba putty, baunya......bleargkkh...

  12. DM tu reger RM73.80

    haha baru kau tau camner seksa keje ngan putty ^^;;

  13. Wow, nice. I actually wanted to try it out myself but I sayang it too much to try it out (more than my Gale Strike). XP
    I'm still satisfied with the default one anyways since I'm not posing it in any kind of uber dynamic midair pose. ^^;

  14. ahaha its okay since you sayang it but if wanna give more love, mod it lolz~!

  15. plastic surgery successful!
    ahaha, nice job bro.

    I bet you'll be forming a team batista to carry on with the surgery :D

  16. haha thnx

    lol team batista
    gonna making smaller torso or what? XD