Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hazardous Boredom.....

Being Boring is hazardous (to me)

before that, i had re-arrange my Plamo Display shelf in the morning.....since it looked pretty cramped so wanna make out some space ^^

do notice that the stacks of boxes are weird...some of them is missing in the picture since i'm dealing with something inside those boxes =D
made almost all Gunpla in standing pose so that can save more space

nothing done for the Zoids' shelf.....didnt mix them with Gunpla (or else there will be hunting campaign XD)

made this part for MGs and SDs...had to put FZA Saviour here also since it requires stand lolz

all my 1/144 kits are here...had made Kyrios into Flight mode as it cant stand well in MS mode...only give stand to OO and Gadessa since OO wanna make pose and Gadessa do need a stand~!

and for the topic........

actually, what i got in my mind are two thing....first is Project KnightinGale and the second is RX-78 ver ZD

for Project KnightinGale, i only need to wait for DSSD Astray to reach me then i'll start on it..
the same also for RX-78 ver ZD (i'm planning to join RockleeLotus group build), only waits for my RX-78 G30 to arrive......

but then, i'm making some pre-planning for Project KnightinGale...well, for it i'm making a Basic KnightinGale with 3 packs, Blade,Cannon and Assault..

Blade and Cannon only need custom backpack and some armors while Assault needs Extra Armor for whole body....

figuring out what i should do for KnightinGale...

i had opened the box of my NG 1/144 Guaiz and....

got the thrusters on the backpack cut......will use it on KnightinGale ^^ (i mean the big one, not the small thrusters lol)

but the next thing is something that i shouldnt have done....

thinking on Assault Armor, i tried using Guaiz's leg part and got the knee cut...



I SEE POTENTIALS!!!!!!! (happened the same during UC's WIP orz)

so, i took some PCs and grabbed anything lying around me...

what happened?

notice any differences between these two legs?

ZD : !@#$%
oh man....i made another joint mod........

Note : this picture is cheating, it cant bend like this...i just made it up actually ^^

but then...i know that i should stop for a while or i go into berserk mode....

but....suddenly the unused hip-PC of my FG Exia came across my mind...

and my NG 1/144 Guaiz got broken hip joint......


itchy hand again.....(if itchy to build Gunpla is okay for me, but this is itchy for making mods <_<) style="margin: 0px auto 10px; display: block; text-align: center; cursor: pointer; width: 400px; height: 300px;" src="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_omegbezX0hQ/S6hxXye9gwI/AAAAAAAABSw/pQAKtQJQElM/s400/P3200011.JPG" alt="" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5451732002434548482" border="0">the PC of FG Exia and the hip joint for Guaiz..(i already cut some parts of the hip joint in the picture)

Guaiz : Woohoooo~!! Finally, i can stand again~!!!!!
ZD : *face-palm* i should stab my palm earlier...

so....now i know......as i choose the path of a modder....and being bored is the most hazardous to me....now i do think that having backlogs is better for me.....




  1. ultimate boredom Mod all you kits then :D

  2. WoW a big customization is coming.

  3. Wow, really big mod project coming up^^ Nice to see a Guaiz kit though, quite rare here. Poor thing, didn't make it to HG grade :D

  4. Another mod coming! LoL! Where you get the NG 1/144? I'm desperately finding them!

  5. nice one ZD!
    doing mods can really make you satisfied right ^^

  6. @moe lol better make backlogs to save my models from my hand

    @keionfan maybe will make it loooong-term project lolz~

    @marzz yeah no HG for it..pretty bad

    @freedomwen i got this about 4 years in the past, during the SEED madness ^^

    @heat seems so....what a modder might do lulz~!

  7. nampaknya perlukan almari yang lebih besar....

  8. @chubbs gotta agreed this time ^^;;

    @mangyver maybe kena clear sket space kat almari komik ^^

  9. Wow, you're really good at joints modification..I always consider joints or articulation mods as a heavy modification :D

    oh, could you mail me a 160x60 banner of your blog? I want to put you up in my blogroll :D

  10. didnt really make good joint ^^;;

    ah sure about the banner~
    as soon as i make it i'm gonna mail it to you