Thursday, March 4, 2010

FreeZeArt Saviour Part 1


why FreeZeArt? well, basically i'm making my kits into non-posable, quite similar normal figure or something like that..and most important, i'm using NG 1/144 kits that are famous for their lack of joints lol

i choose to name it as FreeZeArt since i want to 'freeze' it into a certain pose with the least number of articulations achievable..Art? well, i always describe Gunpla-mod as a techncal art ^^
and for the capital Z, well, you know, stands for ZoiDiect/ZD lol

however, this NG kits, in this case Saviour, only capable of standing upright so i had to mod it to make it capable of making dynamic poses.

befor i got this FreeZeArt idea, i want to make my saviour to be posable but making joints for NG 1/144 kits is way too far for my current skills orz

some parts that i give heavy mods.the elbow joint actually can move and is bendable for 85' lol...but for the knee joint, i make it to be fixed at 90' bend...thats is the maximum that i can pull with my current skills now..

so, here some pics on poses that i make as preview before making any progress ^^

as for now, i didnt hesitate about coloring and maybe i will make it into full dark gray except for the face-piece lol (kinda lazy to make multiple color ^^;;)

but then, this is another project i'd put into my list for mod works (GN Sword X demands my attention lol)

now then, still dealing with some seamlines and will make a special base for it ^^



  1. HeHe one of the few none Pink suit of Athrun.

  2. nice. at least can bend man and better than MG unicorn -_-

  3. Ah so you are gonna make it like a fixed figurine. Interesting project you got there :D So you gonna stratch build some of the joints? the default ones can't really articulate that well.

  4. keion : lol pink!

    moe : yeah better than UC although it is fixed joint ^^

    chubbs: yes SB is the solution..this is FreeZeArt 01...more will come ^^

  5. Saviour is one of my fave..
    I remember at that time it's the first HG from SEED Destiny that I want to buy.. but decided not to buy it..

  6. cause I already change to MG at that time mwuahahaha!!!

  7. hahahaha yeah better MG then lol ^^

  8. nice idea, and making a custom base too?! awesome! looking forward to the progress. ^^

    what else are you planning with the GN swordX?

  9. well, the base will be just simple with the wording of FreeZeArt 01 (more will come in this line ^^)
    and for X, the coloring is done only left to settle the beam part ^^;;