Saturday, March 27, 2010

Guaiz WIP 3

Not A WIP actually ^^;;

just showing some highlights on my latest progress on Guaiz..

note : not really solid attachment...the waist is not complete yet =D

the highlights are :

first is the head. refined the design a bit...make the curved forehead to be flat and put a triangular clear piece (took from runner and painted red) as sensor

next =D

made the fixed front skirt armors to be independent~ done by cutting,gluing,carving actions =)

and now..

not really clear...but that the base for the waist part...since got no pla-plate so had to cut more runners ^^;;

a short post i think XD

only left waist and elbow joint then modding phase is complete..after that will go on detailing =D

thats all~!



  1. mod on ZD !
    Believe in yourself!! and you can do it!
    ninja replied!

  2. not making special display stand again :)

  3. @twi lol ahhaha might do so XD

    @moe wont freeze this guy so wanna make him on ground pose to save space =D

  4. wow, looks like it is a good progress

  5. Even modding for the waist! Nice! LoL! Keep up!

  6. so here it comes, the first step of ZD for global domination with ZD series..

    ZD 1/144 GuaiZD custom

  7. Buhaha...I see a nice waist mod coming man :D Then can do dynamic ZD pose!!

  8. interesting mod ZD!
    want to see the final version of the waist mod soon :D