Monday, March 15, 2010



went to Gusto again today (actually wanna go there tomorrow) and grab something that i got inside my wishlist~
so...lets see what i grab there

hohoho~ finally~ a HGUC~ and along with UC i also got some markers

they are Gundam Marker white and Gundam Lining Marker.. the lining marker is actually great and the usage is like doing panel wash--use and wipe~

then, the unboxing~

on the top of the stuff inside the box, there are some leaflet on some Gunpla-stuff...
about UC head stand, RX-78 G30 gold plated and a form(?)

at the back shows the battle between Gerbera Straight and Tiger Pierce ^^ and that white sheet got some questions (i dont read japanese lolz) but didnt understand even a word *points towards last night incident*

stop showing the ads, lets go for the real stuff!!

got a lot of runners expected from a big box (not as big as Kshatriya lol)

hohoho~ no one shall hate this CLEAR RED PSYCHO FRAME~!

Red Polycaps spotted~!!

ahha! 8 thrusters~! gonna deal with them with gold and silver markers~

kinda lots of parts lol....lots of tiny tiny parts~ this gonna be fun~

but, my only complaint is that they give you 4 beam saber hilts but NO BEAMS!!!
ONORE BANDAI!!! (this is their marketing strategy orz)

anyway, i did spent some time admiring the parts and did the panel-lining (for me, i'll panel-line first before assembling them)

but the main point in the upcoming WIP is the mod jobs on the knee part...the HGUC version of UC is made based on the design of the OVA version so it already has 90' bending at the knee (haha, pwned you UC Ver KA!! XD) but i want more than 90'~
some mod required~

wait for the next post for the mod~ fufufufufufufu~!



  1. yes marketing strategy so you bought the Unicorn mode also ^^
    woah gerbera staright VS iger fierce Lowe Vs Un'o @_@

  2. I can't see the Kshatriya..
    where is it??? ehehe..

  3. moe : no UC mode maybe lol~
    mafty : ahaha, no kshatriya for me ~ too big lolz~

  4. Is it me or does the Red look more Red then the MG,didn't know there is 8 truster for the Unicorn.

  5. dunno but if seen through bright light it will be pink and if like that it is like red~ pretty nice i think

    and yes 8 thruster..4 at the backpack, 2 at the rear skirt and 2 at the leg~

  6. Nice get!.. now NINJA BUILD IT!!! XD

    Onore Bandai INDEED ORZ

  7. ohohoho
    some mod first lol
    then samurai build lolz~!

  8. Getting the unicorn mode too? Hehe......