Wednesday, March 10, 2010

FreeZeArt Saviour

Freezed? I don't think so ^^

supposedly this post is the WIP for the base but the base turned out to be.....ughh, i don't wanna recall that...i tried to make the base to have multiple patterns with different colors combination but since i am using spray cans (cheap one) and it turned out to be very very ugly, messy and i make the base to be completely white since FZA Saviour is in dark color scheme...

noticed the different pose rather like in previous post? i'll tell about it below ^^

rather than being in dark gray and white color, i added black, gold and silver with my markers...added also some numbering from my Revell MiG-31 FoxHound waterslide decals ^^

23 is Saviour's cone number while 01 is to mark that this is the first one in my FreeZeArt lineups ^_^ hoho...more will come soon ;)

with added colors, the shield looks like in original pattern with different colors ^^;;

gotta love the angles that the back cannons were mounted at..

for the stand, i took a long plastic rod from runners and heated it to make it bend..and Saviour is mounted on the stand by plugging the rod into the extra thruster ;D

although the color scheme is dark, but my insignia at the right wing still can be seen lol '_^

one thing that i forgot to mentioned earlier is that actually the joint mod i'd done to the elbow was successful!!
now see the pictures below ^^

first, default postion...

using a plastic rod, a ball polycap and a hinge-and rotating polycap, i managed to give some mobility to the elbow and it is good for an amateur like me lol


it bends!!!! the lower arm can be raised about 85' lol ^^

plus, using the ball PC gave me another mobility which is..

the lower arm can be rotated at the elbow!! and this allow shooting pose to be achieved as natural as a normal HG do lol

this is the early post that can be seen in previous post...but i think the shooting pose is cooler than this ^^

front shot...its great to see that i managed to complete this work

i like the way how the back cannon is 'freezed'..despite i said it being 'freezed', the joints can still be moved but i didnt want to do so..and the mount for the cannons actually broke when i dropped it onto my table (about 20 cm)..from that height the mount broke (maybe due to me shaving the mount thin) and luckily got superglue at my side lol..

the stand....and i wish that i'll never show this in the future orz...the loop is caused by overheating and had to roll it so that the rod wont 'cut' off..

overall i think that this work is quite great and it make a major improvement to NG 1/144 kits...although it didnt have good articulations, but making it to be in great pose is much much better than just standing like this.......

haha...serve you right lol XD

now, i do feels a bit relieved since i managed to finish all of my worklogs before my SPM results came out lol...tomorrow lol...dunno what will happen after thursday ^^;;
but at least i dont have 'debt' with my Gunplas lol

and also, check out the WIP too ^^

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

enjoy lol ^^
and yes, my blog reached more than 2000 views now ^^ thanks for all the supports lol ^^




  1. The elbow joint looks a bit messy but overall, nice job! =D

    Savior just looks great in that color scheme. ^^ Then again, there is an official black colored Savior - Proto Savior.

    Somehow, your custom base looks like a person. XD

  2. lol like a person ^^

    yeah i know about Proto saviour but the white lines are a kill to make lol..

    better make ZD custom XD

  3. Is that zaku an NG 1/144 as well?
    Sure looks pretty pissed off as well, haha!

  4. yep thats a NG 1/144 too

    and got pissed off pretty nice lol XD

  5. so you really cancel the base!
    will you mod that zaku to pink zaku maybe ;D

  6. kill me if i make it into pink lol!!

    about the base, im no joking~ XD

  7. it's more like a Gaia for me ahahaha.. at some pose.. 1st pose.. maybe because of the wing's and color scheme..

  8. Hey give zaku some love also!!!

  9. Very impressive! At first I thought it's a HG but after viewing your WIP and I realized it's NG. Great job and it kinda look like Proto Saviour.

  10. thanks lol

    lol another proto-saviour XD

  11. Dark Saviour ^^
    Like moe say Pink Zaku FTW