Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Guaiz WIP 2

Okay,i'm making this as a long-term project...

cant help but grabbing tools and continued working on the Guaiz.....

manage to make double-jointed knee for the legs but the left leg turns out to be loose due to some mis-shaving....
change it from mono-eye to visor eye....might make red visor...
the cannon is a SB cannon made 3 years ago for one of my Zoids Custom ^^;; now i'm giving it to Guaiz

changed the shape of the fin of the head

more refining needs to be done....gotta fix some joint and make another try-outs for elbow joints.....(if failed this one goes into FreeZeArt production line =D )

thats all.....dont wanna make long post.....a bit lazy to do so lolz~!



  1. apa kata buat muka cam gundam...dah nampak potensi nak jadi gundam

  2. Nice cannon! And the visor gives off a GM vibe!

  3. in X astray the can make Guaiz => dreathnaught gundam not making gundam as well juts add V fin lol

  4. What you used for the visor? Getting interesting!

  5. i never know that this kit have come in HG version.. gosh.. where can i find it.. it is a great MS..

  6. @mangyver will be considered ^^

    @marzz thanks~

    @moe will put in mod list~ now gonna deal with the joint first~!

    @freedonwen only foil sticker lol

    @seven6398 its not HG...this one is NG 1/144..there is no HG Guaiz after all T_T

  7. Guaiz is good.. but GuaizR is better because has railguns like freedom [but a bit crappy - I mean in damage] the most awesome grunt would be Dinn!! the freedom wannabe mwuahahaha..

  8. hahaha
    dunt forget freedom with ginn head lolz~!

  9. if like you said earlier can't continue gunplaing better have gunpla moar this year!!

  10. looking good. with that head fin, he should take on chubbs sharkArios lol

    liking the visor, hmmm if its red seems like a good match with the overall green ^^ what did you make the cannon out of? its huge!

  11. @chubbs thanks

    @moe haha still needs to limits gunplas...but i got alternative lolz~!

    @rocklee chubbs sharkArios got better joint haha might lose XD
    made the cannon using ballpen an some stationery stuff =D

  12. Looking nice,but hmm another freeze art.

  13. lol only if i failed the joint mod =D