Friday, March 5, 2010

FreeZeArt Saviour Part 2 (plus some randomness)

table management, i think?

better say some progress on FZA Saviour then--after the work in recent post, i found that i'm facing a hard time due to the state of my work desk, which is Unmanaged lol

for imagining purpose, there were lots of thing on the desk then. from tools, phone card, cardboard,gunpla that i'm currently working on, trash,plastic gates, etc etc..i assume that no one other than me will gonna work on this desk lol
easy to say, if you dropped a piece of part on the desk, you might spend some time searching for it ^^;;

so, i decided to do some cleaning and manage my stuff at the same, took some boxes and..

there you go! nice and clean! ideal for any work lol! this is how a modeler's desk should be lol ^^
i used such boxes to manage my stuff so that they wont be scattering on the table


first box= tools and markers + precaution item lol
and that box is used temporarily to keep parts of FZA Saviour


keeping polycaps and sandpapers..the white tray is for keeping SB items ^^

enough showing the table..lets go to the real topic...
there are no WIP pictures since i got too focused working on this ^^;;
but there are some things that i will highlight then

current state of FZA Saviur now..this is the pose that i will freeze it into..for the left front skirt armor, i'd used a pin for mounting it to the hip but i accidentally dropped it onto the messy desk and had to scrambled the stuffs to find it but didnt find it had to make another mounting pin (this cause me to clean the desk lol) BTW i found the pin while cleaning the desk ^^;;

apart from how i mount the skirt armor,the back cannon is another issue.the mounts of the cannon made the cannon to be positioned paralell to each other and looks give the dynamic look, i scratched some plastic at the mount so that it can be aligned to certain angle when being mounted....and the picture shows the results..much much better and will do the same to the wings also ^^

i also had attached the torso to the hip and make it to look like the waist is twisted a bit (dynamic look lol) at this time the shoulder parts is cemented
also noticed that thats the progress for the paint white spray had been used up and i only managed to use it on the left leg only orz..need to buy another, just only need to complete the paint job and make the base and FZA Saviour will be done!!


i know that some people wanna see this...i had abandoned it for a while due to my laziness lol

YES!the GN Sword X is finished now!!! and the only thing that i had to do is to attach the components of the beam parts together to form the RaiXer Sword ^^;; and i think the next post will be the review for GN Sword X lol
and that is the color for and silver ^^ from the votes lol and the blue is from Gundam Marker (first GM!!) haha



  1. nice desk man I build my gunpla at floor ^^;;;

  2. haha
    but that desk is one of the oldest item in my house lol ^^;;

  3. soo it would be Saviour vs 00 raiser then...

  4. hoho should let they stay at different shelf then ^^

  5. Argh so neat!!! My desk is a mess......nendos one side, uglydolls at a corner lol!!!

  6. woo...memang cun la kaler RaiXer sword tu

  7. Chubbs : before this the desk is dead messy if you see in my older post lol

    Mangyver : OO color scheme+ omegamon lol

  8. Savior look very Red ^_^,00 Raiser Looks good.

  9. Saviour would be frozen in that pose forever?

  10. keion: he will be grey soon ^^

    marzz: better than just standing like NG 1/144 kits usually do ^^