Thursday, June 2, 2011

1/60 RD Force Impulse WIP 6

lets begin rumbling on delayed work logs ^^;;;

now, where's the Force pack? and yeah, wont be painting/completing this so soon, don't have enough paints to paint this beast currently XD

what you are seeing right is what i am about to do on Impulse (yes, those are just tacked on). in instance, i removed the core splendor system from this Impulse. Yes. REMOVED.

for the sake of better proportion, actually. Plus the core splendor isn't doing anything helping with the support by sitting in the chest cavity

Long side waist binder? check. ZZ-ish shoulder? CHECK! for sure i'm actually had this plan for a while. nice to see it goes along well :D

Playing around a bit :P

so i removed the Core splendor system. what am i gonna do with that puny aircraft?
ah yeah, still got the base from my Jegan project :D

something like this, add some crew and stuff, should be enough as a BMKWC entry XD

now, that puny thing aside, to the proportion. in the earlier method, i used the approach of extending the peg, which turned out to be the worst choice ever. the peg broke off way to easily, and create annoyance within the same line. i got pissed. so i sawed it off, the peg that is. supposedly pegs. put some pla plate. extended required part with pla plate and putty. same goes to the lower white part.

at first i want to glued them together, but i resorted to this.

good practice to work on resin kit eh? pinning using some brass rod i have ^^

and so, with that, i crushed the Force pack. haha, i win emo-boy.
joke aside, i have more stuff to tack on. firstly,

original side armor, to the arm. no more puny impractical combat knives, lets have beam saber gun in it =D

and by this time, the wing binder is officially the side waist armor

current overall look, in a pose. for some story, this Splendor-less Impulse is actually a test type Impulse. not for the Splendor system, but to test the possible packs, and also the MS used to test TannHauser launcher, prototype for Minerva's TannHauser (we got Lohengrin launcher, so yeah)
what happen is that, the base where this unit is available was attacked, but the attack was repelled by the defensive units of the base. in response to this attack, crews used parts from Impulse packs to improve performances of this unit, also enhancing it to be able to use TannHauser launcher in combat, despite they are prohibited to do so. second attack occured, and the unit is sorted out. while the modifications allowed this unit to fight well while using a heavy weapon, its battery pack failed it and it was destroyed after it ceased functioning after melee-ing a Strike Dagger.

so you read it, expect this kit to carry a BFG.

and an overall stance to end this post. that's all!



  1. NT-1 Alex-ish, that beam gun pose. =D
    The side-skirt armour does make it look more, imposing. =D

    Going to make the Core Splendor as a recon support unit?

  2. The way that the eyes light up from the pics, it looks like Blue Destiny's unit 1.

  3. the lights is on the eyes, 1/60 has bigger place inside, is that?

    I'll start Force Impulse (MG) today too ^^

  4. look cool.. so.. can you provide me the link on the resin WIP for the waist?.. is it possible for using epoxy putty for the waist?.. now the impulse got the Nu's arm.. haha.. oh ya.. one more thing.. what tool you use to make those like screw hole on the base for that core splendor?.. can you show me in picture?.. thanks

  5. 1/60 Force Impulse!! That's my very first model kit!! LOL

  6. Wow, I liked the normal Force Impulse, but this is interesting! :D

  7. @Bd more like a separate diorama for a Test Type Core Splendor

    @Gundam Gunso yeah, looks like i have to dim off the light a bit

    @Divinelight yes, 1/60 NG kits has more space, i put a whole LED, without shaving the LED :D

    @Seven that need a visual reply, so i'll make a post for replying to this. check my upcoming post ^^

    @Daymien LOL what a big kit to start on!

    hiroy_raind original designs are raw meat ;D

  8. good to see that emo boy is not forgotten ^^

    Beam saber on the hands are cool!

    what do you plan to do to the side skirt?

  9. @Heat lol which side skirt? the original or the wing binder-made-side-skirt? the original side skirt will be on the arm

  10. The beam saber gun reminds me of the unicorn

  11. @Gunpla tonfas are the best deals ;)

  12. I mean the side skirts shown on the photos now ZD

  13. oh i see. it will be as what you see there ;D