Tuesday, May 31, 2011

SD Sinanju WIP 2

hmm, how can i spend more time on this compared to the HGUC one?

Metallic finish. step by step. first is primer, then is black. gloss black is the best, i use semi gloss black. give it some silver

then, clear color. my case, clear green. add layers by layers to avoid paint accumulating at the edges

smooth surface is a must, and must be dust-free to get the best finishing. let it dry for at least one hour to avoid screwing up like what i did

and this skirt, extending it gave me the biggest headache to sand it. and it doesnt look all that perfect >.>

oh yes, the screwed up

4.45 AM, done painting all meta-green parts. impatience occurs

idiocy. self pwnage. while i am supposed to be assembling them in the morning, i was left with single part to be rework. never touch/hold a part before it is fully dry or wastage of time, paints etc shall occur..

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand completed.


trims are through reverse enamel wash, a bit hard due to the size. good thing the chest emblem is a separate piece for the useless transformation XD and for the shield, handpainted it and it looks like a crap ^^;;;

some mods, like replacing joints at some parts. and it is taller than SD UC

That's all :D


  1. Wow. That was a quickie for your Sinanju and the green looks very good. And yes, very much blingness to it. XD

    That, is yet another tall-ish SD you've made. O_O

  2. Nice green bling! I guess I will stick with the old red bling for my SD sinanjuXD

  3. Nice bling green for sinanju! Green Sinanjus are rare...

  4. Dem, I might stop buying gunpla in exchange to buy an airbrush set sooner....

  5. @Bd eheh, too quick so that i screwed up in the process ^^;;;

    @Daymien haha, preserving commander color. my sinanju has been degraded XD

    @Marzz it's rare as no sinanju is mass produced, i guess? XD

    @Evaritus for a long run, go for it :D the flexibility of airbrush is just worth

  6. Kshatriya Sinanju! What type of paint do you use?

  7. @Tom i'll go layers by layers
    1st- Mr Surfacer 1000
    2nd- tamiya acrylic semi gloss black (gloss black is better)
    3rd- mixture of Mr hobby silver, super silver, shine silver and chrome silver
    4th- mr hobby acrylic clear green :D

  8. HUZZZAH!!! Red Comet indeed...

    3x faster than HGUC? lolz

    Love the meta-green nice job!

    I always let it cure overnight then continues~ :D

  9. Nice the color sounds like sinanju mass-production ver

  10. ohoho.....looks like red comet title was changed into "Green Comet"....btw this green looks nice and remids me to green Bawoo

  11. Fantastic Finish man.....I can see your investment in your airbrush paying off very nicely!

  12. Hooo, looked really nice!
    Glad to see your work pays off :D

  13. @Tsukinari actually 3X slower tha the HGUC, i started on it before i work on with HGUC ^^;;; and yeah, let parts cure first, then hurt them XD

    @Aya indeed, and somehow looks a bit weird XD

    @Mangyver haha, color change ^^ ah bawoo, i wanted to do that :D

    @Chubbybots cant agree more, this airbrush worth more than what i had spent on it!

    @Hiroy thanks bro :D

  14. Ufufu, green comet
    Nice finish ZD!

    request more and clearer photos ^^

  15. @heathorn too bad i have no camera now, i hoping to borrow a cam for all those photoshoot :D