Monday, May 2, 2011


3rd note- POLL CLOSED

2nd note- VOTING ENDS AT 9TH MAY 2011!!

1st note-the prize are with me now :D

Sinanju kick. The kick that teaches Gundam, leading Sinanju to the path of destruction. wait....

the Prize
SD Sinanju. the built one is mine, and OOQ is just passing around XD
#note : the pictures are randomly put in this post
and also, feel free to give your own opinion =) you can either use the comment section or the poll on the right side

and judgement for the most awesome kick, is based on this post. tell me if there are any missing =D
till the results~!


  1. I would choose the one above my kicking pic, as it is quite accurate to the OVA scene.

  2. I personally like the thruster kick to Unicorn's head. :)
    Never would have thought of doing something like that myself.

  3. Kekeke so finally it's done to the kicking contest eh??

  4. The one close to the anime kick scene, that is. =)

  5. I like Kick 2,5 and 7.

    Kick 2 has an awesome effect, but there was no impact. That Unicorn doesn't look to be affected by that kick to the head at all. ^^;

    I like Kick 5, kicking Drossel with giant Unicorn head. Drossel looks like it's really kicked, and it would have been the winner in my opinion if it wasn't for...

    Kick 7! The pose, the angle, the impact, it's perfect! No doubt about it, it's the best!

    Props also to kick 8, with the kick from below and 9, 12 for trying to recreate the original scene.

  6. Reminds me of Gespents KICKS! >:O

  7. I would choose Kick 4. Never think that Sinanju will look good in pink. XD

  8. I vote #7 because of it captures the feel of the original kick.
    But for originality, I vote for #4 :D.

  9. As much I am satisfied with what I did, I had to hand it to Kick 7 for being absolutely close to the original...

  10. aaaaaaand thanks for voting everyone ^^