Tuesday, May 17, 2011

HGUC Sinanju WIP

many thanks to Tsukinari for this kit. it is delicious~

starting point- Late morning of 14 May 2011

snap-fitted. among all monoeyes, this is one that i like. well proportioned, great stance (it's Katoki's design, nuff said). i dont really like monoeyes mainly because of their nonsense proportions, except Bawoo, as i found the proportion looks kinda nice.

badass. very badass. very very badass.

MOD TIME~!! (sinanju goes charisma break?)

checkpoint- 1 whole night, no sleep doing the mod,and continue a bit more on next morning. feel asleep few times during sanding, taking that i dont sleep at all ^^;;

after modding. just some pre-painting mod for seamline removal, proportion fix and sharpening

didnt use the spike sharpener, just random sanding. and it IS tedious to get all 6 sharp..

proportion mod. the only lack in sweetly-proportioned Sinanju is that the chest is small, compared to the waist (wide ass lol) so, 3 layer of 0.5 mm pla plates goes to each side of the chest. the hard part, the side of the chest isnt flat. IT IS CURVED!!! if it is flat, i would directly use my 1.0 mm pla plate. given the curved side, i had to glue pla plate at a side, clamp 2 edges, wait it dry strong enough, glue and clamp the other edges. tedious...

extended the neck by 1.5 mm. the neck design actually limits it from looking down, but at least the extended neck made it look better. and yes, modded the knee so that it will separate when leg bends. just saw it off and glue it on knee joint :D

primed and painted. instead of priming the whole assembled kit, i primed it parts by parts. and time to test some new stuff ^^

painted yellow. with red preshade to get sorta reddish yellow.

example of yellow over red-preshade on wing binders. dang, ran out of yellow paint, goes for my leftover tamiya yellow spray, which also dries up at crucial time. some parts, you may see half-assed painted yellow ^^;;;

dat huge shield. somehow the effects didnt show up nicely in photos

and yeah, i think i never show my Airbrush set yet

simple set up :) and i use student airbrush/ bottom cup single action airbrush. it's a good one, easy to clean up, and i can do some simple shading with it ^^

white parts, primed and preshaded with black.

a lot of parts. a LOT OF THEEEEEEEEEEM!!! and this is just them yellow parts. there are some more heaps of gunmetal frame, silver, white, and gray parts.

best part of Sinanju? them thrusters

yeap. it had THAT much of thrusters. wait..

THERE'S MORE~!!!! XD and this is actually minus the 4 thrusters that goes to the wings

them thrusters must be in silver. shiny silver. mr hobby silver + shine silver + super silver. kinda lazy to finish them with Mr chrome silver so that i can get mirror shiny silver XD

them trims? i want them in white.

4 different options
- use provided foil stickers
- hand painting
-paint emblem and enamel wash for black part

i opted for the last options. Masking. the hell of this is that i had to estimate the size of the tap to the most accurate. other trims, i chose option 3 tho XD

what made me gwent for this crazy hell method is that, i mixed some Gaia white and black, having some gray which i painted the vents using this. got some leftover, which i used on the rifle, axes, chest and some more parts. and the color, Gaia color is AWESOME. it dries up to a smooooth surface, the coverage of color is damn good, it's like you dont really need to paint 2 layers to get nice coverage. and paint consumption is lesser than mr hobby's

unmasked, before i touch up using enamel wash

the shield, same way, but inversely

painted white, masked the trims (and half assly masked the emblem) and paint black

unmasked. you may noticed a line due to masking border >_<

re building in progress, preparing for decals and last coat

fully assembled. and that's one hell of a stance.

the rest of the part. yes, i like the axe that way.

a look on them hellish trims XD

decaled, topcoated. due to yellow color, i dont put on much decals, as i had mostly white markings from Frame Astrays Decal sheet, maybe need to get an universal one. MG Exia's dry decals, that thing is damn good for a ReZEL, good for Katoki-ing a HGUC ReZEL :D

with rifle and shield. bad ass. bad ass stance ^^

build trivia-

no foils stickers are harmed throughout the build

a plenty of cotton buds are harmed

overall look on paints used. yellow and red is depleted, and my Silvers are running low, with Silver completely used up. Gaia colors are awesome, and im looking forward on trying more of that. and im missing my enamel black in this family photoshoot

and that wraps up my Sinanju build, a delayed build for my own Sinanju GB. end point check at late evening of 17 May 2011. new record? or my ReZEL build used lesser time? dunno lol

and that's all! SD Sinanju's next!


  1. That must have been one hell of a masking tape session lol.

  2. No decals were harmed but LOTS of cotton buds was harmed. XD

    Nice looking colouring there.

  3. No problem =D

    That is one nice Yellow-Orange ish Sinanju! and that crazy masking!! *tabik spring again* I never going to do masking on that chest emblem... and that is 1/144 WOOOO

    I think this one is faster! 3 days? XD

    and I used more cotton buds like tons of it lolz

    Gaianotes FTW!!!! u must use some of the metallic color.. they are awesome!

  4. Oh the masking tape method, must be pretty hardcore for you huh?

    Yellow with white trims is quite a refreshing colour scheme, kinda sick of red Sinanjus:D

  5. Cool looking Sinanju!
    many parts to paint, and many masking involved..very stressful if you asked me LoL but you did a very nice job :D

  6. Seems like a lot of work. Great job well done. Interesting colour to pick for the Sinanju. XD

  7. @Tom yea, i had a night dining in the hell of masking tapes XD
    btw, lets exchange link shall we? :D

    @Bd sacrifices XD

    @Tsukinari i still cant make it on why did i mask it ^^;;; and yeah, seconded that, GAIANOTE FTW

    @Daymien hahaha, i somewhat think the trims on chest are harder to clean if use enamel wash method, so yeaa XD
    and yellow, since i had more yellow that red, so why not. yellow comet doesnt sounds that off XD

    @h4msterworld thanks bro! it is just me , the masking. others dont mask their sinanju, so they are less stressed XD

    @G.Gunso thanks!

  8. it's YELLOW Sinanju!

    :D nice work btw

  9. Wow talk about speed! Looks like you are building 3 times as fast!

    Very interesting choice of color I must say! I loved what you have done for the chest..that is one hell of a mod to beef it up!

  10. Nicely done!!
    Hardcore method to paint the emblems lol, but DAMN the results are worth it! XD
    Not many robots can look totally badass from just standing almost straight. Katoki really hit the jackpot with this one. Definitely will be one of the most remembered main villain's unit of all time.

  11. wow that's fast! for transforming tomato into banana

    Nice color scheme :D

  12. @Redmage yup, yellow =D

    @chubbybots hehe, those who are wrong in my eyes are to be corrected XD

    @hiroy Raind /brofist Katoki fanbois

    @Aya LOL tomato-> banana

  13. hi, I hope you will still reply this although I commented in 2017, lol. I'm very curious about the knee mod that you mentioned, can you give a more specific explanation regarding the mod? a few picture maybe? hehe. Thx