Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hi-Nu Gundoom- WIP 2

i believe i made a misunderstanding before

anyway, enjoy some nice and clear shot of Hi-Nu, not your blurry 2MP phone

with the chance of good camera in hand, i thought of snapping some nice pics of Hi-Nu, taking that previous posts of it do no justice in showing all the details. so yeah

slightly primed, for surface check purpose

didn't really add much details, just some bits of tiny pla plates here and there

the lines/drain on the chest is somewhat too wide for me, so i might think lining it can look bad. so put in some tiny pla plates in it.

damn sexay legs

a bit more to break up the detail-less-city

and here too. somewhat, putting plates on panel lines, i just hoped that it wont disturb the painting much. i am planning on making this to have a plenty of colors, so plenty of masking is expected ^^;;;

nuff said

nuff said X2

and the bazooka's cartridge is plain too. so scribed panel lines, put pla plates, and trim them according to the lines.

and that must-paint-can-not-resist-blowing-airbrush syndrome drops by

rifle, bazooka, and Soul cleaver. painted. monochrome. currently still thinking on what color should i use on the actual Hi-Nu itself

close up on the details at the cartridge

and this dark grey + light grey is too monotonous to me.

add in a little hot-rod red in it. that should keep it low profile.

on the rifle too. now i know why modelers spent a lot of time painting these tiny details. the way on how the details stand out is just good~

and also painted the back of the scope and the lens in red too :D

and that's it for now!


  1. Maybe it's your camera, but the colors on the Gundam look really light. So much pla-plating lol

  2. LoLz at some bit of pla plates. That is alot of it !

    The right arm is too plain for my liking, gonna swap it for dual Soul Cleaver soon. =) Only thing is, not much time can spend on it recently haiz...

    Think I just spent my time on Rouge for a while then. =)

  3. Yeah, tiny details are lovely XD.
    I've added some silver on the ring-alike parts on the chest, wing binders, forearms, front skirts, and legs, and they looked great XD.

  4. I'm really envying you guys for the Gundooms. I' still going to get mine maybe by end of July...

    P.S. Mind if we share links? XD

  5. That's a lot of pla plating done. Can't wait to start on mine after seeing yours.. XD

  6. @Tom i think i did said that i slightly primed it. that's why it turned out slightly light.

    @Evaritus gonna do dual soul cleaver? cool one bro :D

    @Hiroy raind yup! me will also focus on those tiny tiny details :D

    @Zeon26 get get get XD sure, will do =D

    @Gundam Gunso lol, believe me, that's just simple plating i say XD

  7. I thing good about starting stuff late, I get to see lots of references lol!

    I was thinking maybe you can use bright pink instead of red for some of the high lights on the weapons. Just my 2 cents ^^

  8. the detail with pla plate is realy awesome,, I'll looks forward till the job done :D

  9. @Chubbybots eheh, late-comers sure have their own benefits eh? XD im agreeing on using brighter colors for highlights. the brighter the better :D

    @RIP666 thanks ^^

  10. The details is splendid great :D

  11. hi~~you lived where? i see u post the gunpla price so cheap,where u buy it?

  12. do you have a facebook? can add me Ian Hungz!

  13. @Aya thanks ^^

    @Anon i lived in kota bharu kelantan. but now im studying in shah alam, and i say gunpla shops in KL offer better price

  14. Looking good ZD ^^
    I just snapfitted this one, the details are very good, though it makes it hard for seamline removal on the arms and fuel tanks.

  15. @heathorn hehe, waiting for your magic touch on this