Wednesday, June 8, 2011

All That RX

i dont know...

the urge...

i just felt the urge

i just felt the urge to paint something....

yeaa.... in 4 hours, starting from 11.30 pm and stopped pushing my airbrush trigger at 4.30 am.
4 different colors, gunmetal, dark gray, less-dark gray, light gray (not white, but light gray). Psycho frame is hand painted with enamel clear red. beam Magnum still unpainted at this moment as i had yet to sand its seam

and it eventually gets painted

and apparently, i have something with silver nozzle. but one more thing to show here, is the different between my silvers mix and Mr. Chrome Silver. beam magnum's nozzle is painted using chrome silver, and polished. you can see the differences in the reflections :D

and another RX is..

supposedly arrived at my doorstep long time ago, but courier can't find my house, it seems.

RX-93-2 Hi-Nu Gundoom. now, dont mess up my blog with senseless arguments on this is a bootleg or not, like i care on that. i have my concern on TT Hongli, but how this can be a threat to Bandai? do they even make something like this? resin conversion, yes, but why did you must choose for something that shouts for more tedious work when you have something better as alternative?. now, i am talking as a modeler, not a collecter, and i bought this solely for the details, for a reference for my build. so yeaah


i thought its a box in a box in a box. apparently it is
yo dawg

freebies #1-check

Freebies #2 #3- check

good kind of packaging, as it protects the parts better. this kind of packaging usually can be seen for special MGs or PGs. and at first i thought the box is heavy, but it is surprisingly light

best manual i've so far. full glossy paper, and thick too. Hobimax is like all glossy, but thinner.

foil stickers are pure crap. and smells bad too. not gonna use this, so expect some painting (read: overhaul painting)

and apparently my nozzles are in good condition :D

and i just can't resist.....

i am building, please wait warmly ^^

a lot to talk on this. first, plastic quality. the plastic is less compact than Bandai's, and that is somehow made me feel worried a bit on disassembling it later on, and not to forget some pegs are just damn long. and due to the plastic, cleaning nubs is less hassle, and end up being fun :D

Parts fitting, somewhat good, and i think my way of trimming nubs do helps the assembly, but only 3 parts have bad fitting. 2 side skirts and the v-fin. they will pops off over time.

and one more thing on the plastic, something isn't right with the surface. it's like problem with the mold itself. some parts have glossy surface, but some have rough. by saying rough, i mean it is somewhat textured. so, sanding is needed. yeah.

so that's what i think of Hi-Nu Gundoom. i have yet to clear up another 3 sets of runners, which is only for the funnels. i'll save that later XD

that's all for now!


  1. Wahahaha! Nice! I haven't got mine yet, it has been a long time since I preordered from the shop... Hope they didn't forget about my preorder since we didn't pay any form of deposits... ^^;;

  2. OH EM GEE~!

    Your Unicorn looks badass~!

    Ohh... You nearly done with your Hi-Nu, eh?

    Looks like MC wants buyers to "customized" the surface instead of modifying the kit. XD

  3. Nice loot. And that's a pretty strong urge to paint lol.

  4. @Marzz lol better check up with the shop, or you might been left out

    @Bd thanks ^^ oh, no more, one by one modelers do heavy mod on this H-Nu. the latest, i saw someone did Eday's piston magic on it

    @Tom ^^;;; indeed it is XD

  5. Ooo... You also joined the Hi-Nu Gundoom family too. I may be getting this too within this month.

  6. wow almost everyone have Gundoom now looking forward for this then :D

  7. @Gundam Gunso there are just something that i could not skip from Hi-Nu Gundoom :D

    @Aya please wait for it ^^

  8. Whoa, great color scheme on the Unicorn, loved it! XD