Monday, June 20, 2011

SD Sinanju

so i heard you like shorty

First for my gallery spam! SD Sinanju! Sunglasses is recommended XD

okay, for the standard drill

SD Sinanju, another hell of trims from Bandai. nicely proportioned, but the joints could be better. lacks of elbow joint, and better to have some. rotating monoeye is a bliss, and transformation is WTF? color accuracy are great, and trims are much much smaller. clear parts are nice ^^

-added elbow joint
-replaced shoulder and hip joint with square polycaps.
-added custom thrusters on backpack, as default thrusters are nothing but holes
-extended the front skirt to cover up the extension
-tilted ankle joint for wider spread

color- my first test bed for metallic finish
- metallic green= Tamiya semi-gloss black, mr hobby silver+ super silver+ shine Silver, mr hobby clear green
- gunmetal- tamiya black + silver
- trims - mixture of silver said above

Basic Photos

shield trims are done like crap. no insane masking, just hand painting.

skirt extension aren't done well, its hard to sand it nicely at the spike part ^^;;;

as how you might see, i didnt took notice on the small details like vents and thrusters. too small XP

somehow, i am now doing more masking less painting. the silver on the rifle are painted without masking the rifle

also used the same lens i got from Hi-Nu Gundoom. and looks terribly nice XD

for the frame of the wing binders, firstly painted it silver, then sorta shade it with gunmetal

these are better than holes XD

Action Pose

forgot to snap more aerial poses, and also beam saber poses ^^;;

i believe the photos tells it much, so dont really want to type much XD
do check out the WIPs as well ^^
-WIP 2

that's all! thanks for viewing ^^


  1. Wow, even the backdrop is also a special one. =D

    A lot of improvements you've made to this kit's articulation and who needs the WTF transformation gimmick, even the MS mode is already cool.

    p.s. you need more lighting. lol

  2. So you mixed every silver paint you could get your hands on? XD
    I think that the HG Sinanju's trim will be easier to paint then this SD.

  3. Very nice metallic green.. and thats is lots of paint to mix to get that effect >_<... and I WANT THAT BACKDROP!! gimme some lolz

    Nice job on the kit.. I like the color, its so shiny lol.. I can see some rough surface but this is SD.. got tons of small area to sand it off without affecting the details...

    I like the way you paint on the rifle.. I did it with my HGUC Sinanju's rifle too.. paint it without masking (the clear blue one) ^^..

    Anyway.. great stuffs.. keep up the good work!


    Those mc Hi-nu lens are sure very useful huh:D

  5. @Bd thanks ^^ and yeah, noted on the lighting. the lighting i used for this shootout was only standard room lighting, from 4 direction. didnt use my table lamp as it is giving too much of exposure. will improve the backdrop more

    @Tom yes, indeed the HG one is easier. as for silver, eheh, just playing around XD

    @Tsukinari yes, rough surface is still there, might will topcoat it with some hi-gloss to increase blingness XD as for backdrop....

    i took my sister's "kain baju kurung". it's black, smooth and shiny, so yeaaa. sorta like black linen cloth

    @Daymien come bro, i had show my kungfu, now i want to see your sd sinanju kungfu XD

  6. I am already blinded by your gallery bro haha!! Thats a really nice mod and slick paintjob!

  7. @Chubbybots sunglasses is recommended XD