Monday, June 13, 2011

Hi-Nu Gundoom- WIP 1

In ZD-Base, snapfit comes first before WIP XD

ok. it's fine if anyone wanna shout "U MAD" at me or what. the lack is just something i am not contemplating with..

first of all, the discussion on seam lines management

i've pointed out before regarding seam lines, due to their nature on having redundancy on being a seam on another seam (yo dawg...) and not to mention there are parts clamped in the seam as well. i had looked into some of them, and apparently nothing much is difficult. more like some standard usual procedure

1- bazooka

assembled bazooka. the gray/silver cartridge is clamping the white barrel, and white barrel is clamping the handle.

solution :-

make c-clamp for the handle, and the plastic is soo damn durable for this task :D and for the cartridge, cut off the small parts to make way for reinsertion. for the white barrel, the cartridge is clamping a T peg by default, so cut off the T into I peg.

2- Arms

default assembled arms. one note, only focusing for the blue part, as it is a bit hard to do for the elbow joint due to the design of the peg. so for the elbow joint, i'll opt for the paint-mask-deseam-paint method.

separation. the blue is clamping the white by some rod peg on the white, so cut that off to make way for reinsertion. on left arm, there are white plate that is clamped by the blue part, so i just trim off the peg. the vulcan on the right arm, i left it as it is as painting and masking it wont be any tedious :D

and for some other parts, Funnel Binders, seam removal can be done directly as no major parts is clamped by the construction. there is the white saber holder that is clamped by the blue part, but in manual it is colored blue so no fuss on painting. masking it wont be that hard also

Middle binder, while thrusters can be removed, but the vents that is clamped can be a bit hard. i havent look into this part properly, but i'd say it is either do some peg trimming or just masking

now, some pla plating. yeah, pla plating. been a while since i last did some pla plating details, even my previous builds are only using pla plates for fixes and stuff. while i did said this is a details overload kit, but there are still some plainness at some parts. so yeaa

chest and shoulders, some line scribing and pla plating. i also made 2 tiny fins for the chest

more pla plating. in a way, it can be hard to see where i did the platings, as i used 0.3mm pla plates, cut into tiny strips ^^;;;

and also, pla strip in panel lines :D Heathorn detailing style ^^

aaaaaaaaaaaand on the shield as well =D

i conducted seam lines removal on the blue armors of the arm, and noticed there are some obvious plainness on them. so need to spice up a bit ;)

right vulcan arm. the gate like plate. yeah. kinda tedious to get them cut right ^^;;;

left arm. Insignia A. A is for Amuro. and in a way, cutting 0.3mm plate into this, is both easy and hard at the same time. a sharp design knife works wonder

and the front part of the thigh is just bare, but im not in the mood of scribing some lines. so just some pla plating again

and i just cant hate this kit for having a strong and bold look.

That's all for now! *PEW* *PEW* *PEW* *PEW* *PEW* *PEW*


  1. You really took an effort in doing Amuro's insignia. =D

    Can't wait to see the completed one. =D

  2. Woot.. great work on the pla plates.. the clamp solution works great XD... cutting those plaplate into small things it tedious >_<;;;...

    This makes me wanna buy this guy... uguuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  3. HAH!!! I'm cutting the same insignia as well!!! hahahaha~!!!!

    As for the bazooka, can I have a close up on those clamps?

    Why is my mind planning to do, but you already done it?? the gate-like plates was in my head this morning! LOLz

  4. I have always wondered...
    How do you guys stick the pla-plates onto the kit? Using cement?

  5. Wow, detailing a gunpla which is already this detailed, U MAD?!

    LOL jkjk XD

  6. @Bd thanks =D

    @Tsuki GET GET GET XDD

    @Syful LOL so lets make all AE, Amuro and Londo Bell insignias!

    @Marzz yeap, using cement ^^

    @Daymien i am MAD XDDD

  7. Salute for ur hand-made Amuro sign :D

  8. You're adding even more details into this kit?
    Nuts! This is going to be awesome!! XD

  9. Lol this kit has a ton of detail as it is. XD It's gonna be a great looking kit when you're done with this.

  10. @Mangyver, Hiroy, Tom haha thanks guys. actually, not much new details added, mroe like im exaggerating there XD