Thursday, August 11, 2011

HG Strike Freedom- Proportion Test

and now, the heat for Gunpla Builders World Cup Malaysia had arisen..
imma nailing this one.

with this

another proportion check, to buy me time before i am to work on it for real. mocking it up with a PG frame, i can see that the shoulder joints need adjustments, and the arm may or may not need some more extensions. all left for those minor adjustments, and a bit more armor up- mainly for the arms and legs (THEM BARE LEGS)

backpack, yeah, now i will resort to a new plan, but will still retain the SBed backpack i did a while ago, only gonna redesign it. kit-bash ideas come along, and now i am having thoughts of using Virtue's back cannon as thrusters and Dragoon binders.

with me struggling for my final semester, i only have 2 weeks to do this. this is it, or never.
that's all for now


  1. Haha, epic photoshopping skills XD
    What are you gonna do with the rail cannons on the hips?

  2. @Tom nah, dont that skillful in PS XD as for the railguns, i discarded them off as it kills the proportion (you may check the snapfit post 1 year ago to see what im talking on)
    i tried to scratch build a shield, mounting the railguns on it. but seems it doesnt turn out well.

  3. woah nice ZD
    actually kitbashing kit from 00 era into SEED era will be nice.

    good luck for your final semester :)

  4. @Mafty hehe, random idea pops in ^^
    thanks bro :D

  5. wow, ZD going to graduate soon?
    Time flies by.......

    good luck ZD!

  6. An exam and a short deadline for must have a real busy week :D

  7. @Heat not really graduate, but just will be going into degree soon

    @h4msterworld busy week is indeed busy! :D